Why living with a Border Collie is hard–reason #1

After a full hour of an agility class (ran three full courses and worked on the teeter), an hour of socializing with other dogs (hard work for Shayne), and another 4 runs through an 18 obstacle course (one absolutely brilliant run), I returned home with Shayne and Rio hoping they would be a little worn out so I could run to the grocery store.

Rio got crated since I figured he would just sleep anyhow (since he played hard for an hour with a group of dogs and then had 5 or 6 runs through a full agility course) and Shayne had the run of the house, as she always does.  Well, apparently she wasn’t nearly tired enough and really got into some mischief.

My mom is hosting an office holiday party and had made gift bags for all the employees (15) with chocolates and scratch off lottery tickets in each one.  For over a week they sat on the top of her dresser behind a big box–out of sight, with no one bothering them.  A few days ago I made up similar gift bags for my cousins for Christmas and moved my mom’s batch of bags further away from the edge of the dresser and higher up, still out of sight.

Apparently, Shayne took this move as a challenge.  After a week of ignoring them, we came home from a short trip grocery shopping to find a chocolate massacre in my mom’s bedroom and one ‘guilty’ looking shayne (probably more tummy ache look).

I still have NO idea how she got them… the box wasn’t moved… MY gift bags (which were in front of my mom’s) were untouched.  Shayne destroyed 6 bags, ate the chocolate from 5 of the bags, and destroyed 2 bags worth of lottery ticket (6).

All the chocolate she ate was milk chocolate (Hershey Kisses) with some type of center flavor (caramel, raspberry cream, etc) so it reduced the amount of actual chocolate she ate.  We figured she probably ate about just under a pound of kisses.  Her belly was FULL.  Having dealt with chocolate eating before (last year she opened my suitcase [unzipped] to find a bag of Lindt Truffles and Ghiradelli chocolates–dark chocolates, milk chocolates and white chocolates), I wasn’t terribly concerned with anything other than wonky (and sparkly poop from some of the wrappers).  I was just …. amazed at her stealth.

Now, more than 12 hours later she’s perfectly fine. Not even any vomiting or diarrhea… my pup has a stomach of steel apparently.

This problem solving and stealthy nature is reason number 1 owning a Border Collie is hard–sometimes they are just way too smart and way too stealthy!


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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