Tidbits of Holiday Laughter and Cheer…



One of the things I love most about the holiday season is getting to spend so much quality time with my family… and the dogs…and the cats.  Since getting laid off in the spring, I’ve certainly had ample time to spend with the dogs and since moving back to my hometown in late summer, I’ve spent plenty of time with family.  Yet, there is something so special about the warmth and love of the holiday season that makes the interactions just that much more special.

Unwrapping presents!

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Christmas morning in our house is watching the dogs (namely, Shayne) get so excited for opening Christmas presents.  She sort of loses all sense of control, leaps, steals and shakes she’s so excited.


This year was a very special year for the pups… they were NAUGHTY  enough to open presents from a fellow dog-blogger and good friend about a week early.  They suffered and suffered for a week before they were allowed to play with the AWESOME toys!  The following craziness ensued…Shayne was practically vibrating she was so excited (which is not terribly uncommon)….

Surviving the holidays with dogs is not always easy… there is a nearly endless supply of opportunities for naughty–holiday hams/roasts/turkeys are always a favorite type of naughty, massive amounts of cookies and chocolate are yummy sources of naughty, presents under the tree are at perfect nose-height to sniff out the best option for naughty, holiday parties are excellent opportunities for social faux pas like leg humping, cookie tray stealing, and perfectly timed flatulence or vomiting is a great way to be naughty through embarrassment.   The whole concept of indoor trees presents an interesting opportunity for a unique brand of naughty but it’s not just the tree that harbors the potential for naughty, it’s also the fact that they are decked to-the-nines with sparkly fun garland, glass ornaments taunting the dogs with their tennis ball-ness, and unique and interesting ornaments just begging to be played with (and don’t even talk about popcorn garland or hanging candy canes)–between the tree itself and all the decorations, Christmas trees are certainly a big source of naughty.  If you can manage the holiday season with a tree that’s still standing and holding most of the ornaments… your holiday season has been a WIN for the humans!

I haz a bow.... i do not want!

PLEASE no more bows!!!

Well, Rio hopes all of your holiday celebrations were way less embarrassing than his purple bow experience!!  We will be back to our regularly programed posts as we enter the new year!


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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