New Things for the New Year

I am totally and completely against resolutions… I don’t think I have ever even made a resolution.  Perhaps it’s simply an issue with the word resolution and my never ending conflict with semantics.  Given that some 80% of resolutions are broken within a month of them being made, it seems that the makers really aren’t terribly resolute.  I also think it sets people up for failure… if you make a resolution to stop drinking, does one drink mean you have broken the resolution?  Or should it be the culmination of a year’s worth of work towards not drinking?  Unfortunately many people, I think, feel the former is true.. that if you stray once in your resolution that you have failed and so they give up.

For those reasons, I much prefer to set year-long goals.  If my goal for the year is to stop drinking, my efforts aren’t going to be crushed if I have a drink or two or three, if ultimately, by the end of the year I have reached my goal of no longer drinking.

Jamie doing some training with her dog Risa and Rio! This counts toward socializing AND doing more training!

So, my goals for the year 2011 (in no particular order):

*To get Shayne her CGC…

*Continue to socialize Shayne and Rio with many new dogs and work on Shayne’s social skills

*Take Rio and Shayne to more dog-friendly stores to work on ‘store manners’ (for Rio)

*Teach Rio how to relax outside at a restaurant–Shayne is a pro

*Build a more solid foundation for agility with both dogs

*By the end of the year I want to train several new multi-step tricks for the dogs

*Train a new trick each week


Shayne clearly HATES to snuggle! She's a big snuggle monster... Rio...well, not so much!

Personal goals

*Continue to write 3-5 blogs per week

*Offer several new training classes at the local humane society

*Continue to make and sell my Tugs By Tena … tug toys

*Make sure I take some time for ME

*Cuddle the dogs more often….whether they want to cuddle or not!!!!  🙂

Happy New Year from all of us!  May you reach all the resolutions/promises/goals/bullet points/etc you set for this year!!



About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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