No sleep for the weary!

I was sick when this was taken ... apparently Shayne and Rio felt that I would heal faster if they slept ON me while I slept.

I had no intention of posting a blog today (hence the late post) but I woke up… inspired…. to post a little tidbit.

There are days I wake up completely perplexed about my status in my own house.  Let’s recap for a moment, very briefly, some aspects of what it’s like living with Shayne and Rio (and the rest of our 6-animal household)…

**I cannot close my laptop with out their super sonic ears hearing it shut (there’s no latch for them to hear click…just the screen coming down to the body) and leaping up from the deadest of sleeps to launch themselves into my lap.

**I cannot even re-position myself on the couch without the dogs leaping up from, again, a coma-like sleep to say “OMG WHAT DO WE GET TO DO NOW!?!?!”

**If my lap is available I have between 2 and 4 critters barreling toward me to claim some space.. and if I need to get up I get between 4 and 8 eyes glaring at me–their version of clear disdain for my need to use the bathroom.

**On that note, I don’t recall the last time I didn’t use the bathroom with out an audience of supportive animals cheering me on (the worst is the cat Joey whose sole desire in this situation is to get in my lap).

All of those are pretty much daily occurrences–annoying but tolerable.  But today I woke up …AHEM… was woken up and was just in a state of awe.  I have a queen sized bed and somehow I was so smushed I couldn’t move ….

I really couldn’t move … Bandit was on my leg, Rio was pressed up against my left side while being 1/2 on my arm (under the covers), Shayne was pressed up on my right side while pinning down my arm… and topping this off was Panther, the cat, sleeping on my head/face.  I was contorted and twisted in a way that was not terribly natural or comfortable.  I was not particularly happy to be woken up in this manner and just shook my head as I worked my way out of my bindings.  What a way to start the day, I later thought to myself, woken up early by being smothered by the love of four great companions.  But then I realized… no no, no no…. this wasn’t love… this was COLD!  The temperature outside plummeted over night which certainly explains the extra-close, cat-on-my-face way I woke up.

So here I sit, a little irked that I was woken up so early in such a demeaning way.  It wasn’t out of love but because they just see me as a giant space heater.


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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6 Responses to No sleep for the weary!

  1. Nena says:

    Or maybe they thought your cold human body needed some animal heaters… maybe it was a Three Dog Night! 🙂

  2. Nena, normally I would wholeheartedly agree with that…but the CAT… she throws off that hypothesis… the only time she’s around is when she’s cold.. and she wasn’t snuggling with the dogs..but on my head… which indicates to me the DOGS were cold LOL! But I suppose your point stands.. there are certainly times I use the dogs for their heat… so it’s only fair they use me too LOL!! Does Miss or Batman get super snuggly at night?

  3. Kristine says:

    That is so cute! While our cat does have a strange affinity to hanging out in the bathroom, he doesn’t really care if I exist or not. And Shiva is definitely not a lap dog, as much as my husband wants her to be. I think it would be kind of nice to have a furry creature in my lap or sleeping beside me every once in awhile.

    But definitely not all the time. No.

    My dog listens for the closing of my laptop only because she thinks that is the sound of the playtime bell. 😛

  4. Miranda says:

    Today I decided to take a vacay day and avoid a nasty am commute… and have a nice lazy morning at home. I woke up in much the same situation (add 2 BIG dogs to the bed, subtract one cat) but with a 10 lb dog sitting on my chest practicing targeting on my eyelids! So much for sleeping in lol.

  5. gotspots says:

    I definitely know about the super sonic hearing. I will try to be ever quiet so they do not get up… but it never fails… they get up. And not only do I have an audience while I use the bathroom, I have to push back wondering cold noses LOL!!!!!!

  6. Lavi says:

    Oh dear, I thought Aschiuta my dog takes up a lot of space in bed, but 4 cuddling pets?
    On the other hand, you also get warm from all the natural heaters, so that is really good for everyone on a chilly morning.

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