Magical Mystery Mutt Tour

Awesome folks have organized a Blog-Hop event especially for Mutts!  People will post photos and basic information about their favorite mutts and blog-hoppers will give it their best shot to “guess the breeds”.  When I heard about this event, I just had to enter with my two mutts–Rio’s a pretty easy one… but Shayne.. well.. she’s not as simple.  So here are my two Mutts for Review!

This is Rio:

Weight:  29lbs    Build: Lean, leggy, deep chested, narrow, pointy  Height: 22 inches

Rio is a boundless pit of energy and drive.  He loves lure coursing, loves agility, but LIVES for frisbee.  The word “squirrel” is like a four-letter work starting with “F” in our house… we don’t say it because Rio will spend the next five minutes frantically looking for the squirrels.  He loves to chase squirrels… and has caught and killed chipmunks in our yard.  His natural tail carriage is low and curled when just standing around and low to mid when walking about… and ALLL over the place when he’s running around.  He is an incredibly silly, goofy, laugh-inducing dog–there’s never a dull moment with him being silly and loving life!

Rio has a very light double-suspension gait (there are two points in his gallop where all four feet are off the ground), with t0ns of undulation of the spine, and a really nice flying trot.  He is also wicked fast when he gets into it!  He is quite light and loose on his feet.  He has a short sleek coat with a thin under coat–he has feathering on his thighs and tail.  Barking is a very common nuisance behavior and he has a CRAZY large “vocabulary” of barks–yips, yaps, woofs, boofs, ARUURRUUUs… much can be gained about his intentions by his bark.  When playing with other dogs he displays some typical pushy herding behaviors.

Although Rio is an absolute beast in most areas of life, he can be the most calm and gentle of creatures around people.  He is the type of dog who has drive and pushiness coming out the ears but who could also make a great therapy dog because he’s so gentle with new people.  He is very intuitive and caring with people, gently approaching people who are clearly interested in him.  I admit I have a pretty accurate “what is he?” guess..but wonders what others think.


With his friend Risa... this gives a good sense of how narrow he is and how long his neck is

This is Shayne:

Weight: 35lb   Build: deep chest, broad rib cage, square build, muscular Height: 20/21″

Shayne is now 5 years old and hasn’t slowed down one iota.  She is a high drive, high energy dog who is an absolute brute force to be reckoned with.  She is a run-it-down-and-kill-it type girl… she has been known to hit a wall at full speed and keep going after a ball.  She is intensely driven but doesn’t have much prey drive–squirrel chasing is only an occasional past-time for her.  She does have some herding tendencies, lots of circling, crouching and staring at flocks of geese, but I’m not sure if she has actual herding ability.

Whereas Rio has a light floaty gait, Shayne’s gait is all about power.  She is not really built for speed–short legs, broad chest, but she is wicked fast and powerful when she runs.  She is a much more flat gait–not too much undulation, but she gets low and powerful when she’s running.  Although Rio is faster in general, Shayne is “faster” on a straight short sprint so she can get low frisbee throws that Rio can’t.  She is incredibly powerful and strong.  She carries her tail most often very high and somewhat curled over her back… sometimes it’s swung low but not too often.  Her tail is also somewhat short.    She has a great double coat with some feathering on the back of her legs and on her tail.  Her color ranges from a dark red-brown to a lighter red-brown with lots of red highlighting  in the summer.  She also has a freakish amount of extra skin all over her body LOL.  She’s not a huge barker but when she does its is deep and loud–my old apartment neighbors met her they swore I had a rottie or GSD in my apt!

Shayne is a quite a friendly dog with people (after a few years of remedial socialization).  She’s tolerant of kids (wonderfully tolerant) and does enjoy saying hi to strangers.  She is the ultimate cuddle bug and loves to snuggle on my lap every opportunity she gets.  She is, however, very controlling with other dogs.  She is a very bossy female and quite the fun police.


So … two mystery mutts…. what are YOUR guesses??


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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25 Responses to Magical Mystery Mutt Tour

  1. Those dogs are fantastic, and look like they have a ton of energy too! Ok hmmm, for Rio some greyhound because of the way he runs (fast!)? The ears look like a cattle dog. Oh, and part tongue too! For Shayne some lab, maybe some staffordshire terrier? I love the tip on the tail! Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  2. Carrie Boyko says:

    Cool mutts for sure and I’m not even going to attempt a guess. I only care about them having a happy home; apparently they do. Lucky you.

    I’d like to invite you to my Super Dog Sunday Photo Blog Hop. Read more here to join the fun:

  3. Bob Ryder says:

    I have very little experience with identifying breeds, but just for practice, I’ll venture a tentative guess for at least one relative in each dog. Here goes….

    In Rio, the long, lean silhouette and description of her speed and flowing gate makes me wonder if there was an English Greyhound a generation or two back.

    In Rio, the super muscular hind legs, powerful stride and broad outlines in her face (especially behind the jaw), remind me of a Staffordshire Terrier.

    No problem to tell me if I’m way off. I’m curious to find out what others see.

    Great post – THANKS! Bob

  4. Kristine says:

    I’ve always just assumed Rio was an Australian Cattle Dog but now I am wondering if I was way off. Maybe he’s a Cattle Dog/Kelpie mix? I can’t think of anything else. But he’s awesome and I love watching him in your videos.

    Shayne is tougher. Maybe part Border Collie, the colouring is right. But she does remind me a lot of my Shiva, especially based on your description. Tail carried high, lots of extra skin, all power, low barks, loves to watch geese… That’s the Shivster! Maybe Shayne is part Catahoula as well?

    Either way, I love your dogs. 🙂

    • I wasn’t going to post tomorrow…but i’m going to post what i’m pretty sure Rio is… and MY guesses at shayne… 🙂 Once i tell people what i think Rio is people seem to have a lightbulb moment and agree that’s exactly what he is!

      Shayne and Shiva are very similar in structure and… brute-force 🙂

  5. I’m guessing Shayne is Pitbull/border collie mix (the body is the pit and the markings/ears/tail is bc… Rio (now don’t laugh at me but…) there’s something in the face that reminds me of a doberman, which could also be the muscular… but the coat is more cattle dog? Are you laughing at me yet? 🙂

  6. Gorgeous kids:) I’m going to guess Rio to be a ACD/Greyhound mix, although he’s smaller than I would expect from that.

    Shayne is very similar to my Frankie (his blog is still in my mind!) in build and movement. I’m thinking Border Collie, maybe some American Staffy and possibly a touch of another breed or 2:)

    • I think you tied for closest guesses to MY guesses for both dogs! Rio is a Lurcher of sorts… He’s shaped a little bit more like a whippet than a greyhound (sometimes he shows the rounded back) so my guess is a whippet mix (plus they are found a little more frequently in shelters than greys). Shayne is what i call a Border Collie-ish… i think she’s got LOTS of dogs in her lineage!

  7. AJ says:

    I’m guessing Rio is a cattle dog mix. Look at those spots!

    Shayne… lab/border collie?

  8. hi, this might be my first visit here. so many blogs i haven’t been to 🙂

    what gorgeous pictures. i LOVE the one of rio running. beauty!

    rio – i’m going to go for a herding dog mix, just from your description of his barks, lightness of feet and tendency to herd his friends. australian shepherd, cattle dog and koolie. i know they’re all australian breeds but maybe there are lots of those where you are? 🙂

    shayne – “freakish amount of extra skin” – sharpei? sounds silly i know, looking at her. but i did once see a daschund with a ridgeback ridge! also lots of pitbull/staffy power and bulk in her.

  9. Kelly says:

    What cute dogs. I’m going with greyhound and maybe aussie shepherd on Rio. Shayne looks like border collie but I can’t put my finger on what she might be mixed with.

  10. Pup Fan says:

    So cute! Hmmm… maybe Rio has some Aussie or German Shorthaired Pointer in there? Body type reminds me a bit of a Borzoi…

    As for Shayne, border collie and lab?

  11. Edie says:

    I’m wussing out on trying to guess but just want to say I am blown away by your pictures and your descriptions. You must be an excellent trainer; you really pay attention to every attribute of your dogs.

  12. dogsmom says:

    I definitely see cattle dog in Rio and from the wonderful running photos some form of sight hound, like greyhound or whippet.
    Shayne looks like more than 2 breeds. There are Border collie similarities, but her face reminds me of my (many mix) lab/dobe cross. The tail is no help, but the deep chestedness shows ties to a sturdier, hearty breed.
    They both have beautiful faces, Shayne looking more serious, Rio more “good time” friend.

  13. melfr99 says:

    I’m going with Pamela on both of your dogs. If she’s not right then she’s darn close!
    I just love your first photo of Rio! The first thing I did when I saw her was smile. 🙂

  14. Ahhhh! That picture of Rio’s tongue hanging out is amazing! And, Shayne’s white stockings…love the! They both look like such happy doggers. 🙂

    I’m terrible at guessing breeds, so I’m going to cheat and look at your next post. 😉

    I’m with Edie. I’m so impressed with the detail you listed for each of your two loved ones. You are obviously a very attentive parent!

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