Magical Mystery Mutts… revealed

So after yesterday’s mystery mutt tour, I figured I would give you my guesses for breeds.


That’s right folks…. My best guess would be a Australian Cattle Dog and Whippet mix!  Whippet people see Whippet (or Italian Greyhound) and the Cattle Dog is pretty obvious…. though there is a chance he has some Ibizan Hound or some other sighthound in the mix. Whippet just seems the most likely since Ibizans are not terribly common.  So officially, I can call him a Lurcher and be completely correct.  I took him lure coursing and the lady running the lure, who is a Whippet person, said he’s definitely got Whippet or Iggy or some sighthound in him the way he runs and his general structure.

Rio about to catch the lure


Shayne: Well…. this one is less than certain.  I suspect there are a multitude of breeds in her lineage.  I call her a Border Collie-ish.  Possible additives are Lab, English Springer Spaniel, and/or ??   HOWEVER… I recently came across the breed mix “Sprollie.”  A Border Collie Springer Spaniel mix… and they appear to be pretty similar to Shayne… (minus the curly fur on the much larger ears LOL).  So perhaps she has some springer in the mix somewhere…


Whatever she is... I ❤ her!

So those are my breed guesses!



About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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4 Responses to Magical Mystery Mutts… revealed

  1. dogsmom says:

    And very lucky puppers they are.

  2. gotspots says:

    I can see the whippet. I’m surprised no one said that. Lol I didn’t vote cuz you’ve told me before. Lol

  3. Jess Davis says:

    Hi there! I finally followed your blog via Dogster and plan to stay up to date on it. I love your training and sporting methods, and of course your dogs are lovely. Keep it up!

    Jess (& Cohen)

  4. Ah yes, Whippet, not Greyhound for Rio. Frankie has the same expression as Shayne, kind of disdainful, at times. They’re both gorgeous:)

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