We take a break in the clicker action to post about two missing dogs.

A good friend of mine runs a small rescue group and a former foster (a dog who was once considered unadoptable for fear issues) has gone missing from her Furever home with another rescue dog in the home.  There have been zero confirmed sightings in the area where they went missing–one possibility is someone got them into a car (trying to help) and took them out of the search area.  So it’s a long shot, but I figured the more people who know these dogs are missing and are loved the better chance we have of getting them back.

BROCK (on the left)-Is a neutered male basset mix. He is tan with a black saddle and while he is more outgoing than Bunny he is also a rescue and somewhat fearful. He is NOT wearing a collar but IS microchipped.

BUNNY–Is a spayed female shepherd mix.  She is black with brown facial marking and white on the chest.  She is very fearful and will likely not come to a human…. perhaps with food or another dog.  She was wearing a collar and IS microchipped.

These dogs were lost on Valentines day from Avonmore, PA.  This is a rural part of the state that is the intersection of three counties… Westmoreland, Indiana, and Armstrong (this is part of the reason the search has been so difficult 3 times the shelters to check, 3times the vets to contact etc).   There is a REWARD being offered for their safe return.

The area they went missing from has been thoroughly searched on foot and with the aid of a tracking dog, tons of large neon posters have been put up, hundreds of fliers been handed out and posted in stores, all local shelters/rescues have been alerted, FindToto service called 500 of their closest neighbors, ads in local papers have been purchased… all of this an no viable sightings.  Since we haven’t had any sightings we are at a loss of where to even search–they could be anywhere by now.  Right now we are just hoping for some sightings… something to give our search some direction–but since there have been no sightings in almost two weeks, our hope is that someone has simply taken them in and just hasn’t seen all the advertisements.

If you see these dogs (or one of them), please DO NOT chase, you can try to lure them with food or another dog (Bunny adores other dogs!) but they are fearful and will likely run further if you chase.  Please, please, please call 724-840-2516 or 724-541-1412 if you see them! Feel free to message/comment if you have a non-immediate sighting!  I know many of you are not even close to local, but if you could pass along this link to others who may be closer to the area, it would be appreciated!


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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4 Responses to Missing…

  1. Thank you so much for posting, my friend.

  2. Oh, and FindToto called 525 and then 5000 neighbors. 😦

  3. Belle says:

    Well I’m all the way on the west coast, but I’ll keep an eye out at my local shelters. You just never know how far dogs can travel.

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