Shameless Self Promotion–for Dexter

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since Dex came into my home and I feel like I’ve finally gotten to know him well enough to write his description, make an adoption video, and post him on various websites as available for adoption.  So, I’m going to take a moment and shamelessly promote him to my readers (and maybe some of you may share him with your cattle dog-loving friends).

First, a little movie of my little man….

Dexter is a 2-3yr old neutered male Australian Cattle Dog.  He weighs approximately 40lbs and is full grown. Dexter loves other dogs and thinks everybody wants to be his best friend forever.  He has done really well with the three resident cats–the most invasive act was barking at one and play bowing to her.  He’s interested in meeting all the people we see while out and about but he can be a smidge shy with some new people when greeting them–this is fixed if they feed him a treat, then it’s game on!

Dexter is a high energy boy.  He hasn’t yet shown the drive to work that is typical in the breed, but he definitely has the energy level.  This boy could go, go, go all day–playing with other dogs, running in the yard, or playing ball.  He settles really nicely when in his crate, but is still learning how to settle when out of the crate.  When out of the crate he is a bit hypervigilant and struggles to just lay down without playing with a toy, chewing a toy, or pestering the other dogs.  He has made some improvements in this area, but it is certainly a work in progress.

He is a very green dog–virtually a clean slate for training.  Much of what he is learning right now is how to relax in the house, how to open doors (sitting), how to get his dinner (sitting), and how to control his impulses.  We introduced some basic obedience and he’s done quite well picking it up using clicker training.  He actually walks on a leash reasonably well when he’s not pulling towards another dog–he did excellent in the pet store and can do pretty well at the park.  I currently walk him on a front hook harness because when he wants to pull/lunge he is very strong.  If something is scary to him, he takes some time to work through it–yummy treats really help.  He was scared of the reflection of my refrigerator doors for three days…he was very reluctant to walk by it…until he learned what came out of the freezer LOL!

Like I said before, he’s not terribly drivey yet.  He’s getting more and more interested in toys and playing so perhaps he’ll continue develop that drive.  He’s been exposed to frisbees briefly.  He will chase a few rollers and will jump for “takes.”  He has some BIG hops and could be a nice disc dog if someone puts the time into developing his drive.   I wouldn’t label him a performance prospect, but I think he would, at the least, enjoy learning a sport like agility or frisbee.

I’ve met many dogs in my life time and Dexter has got to be one of the happiest, most enthusiastic dogs I’ve ever met.  He has an absolute zest for life.  I’m honestly not sure anything can really get him down.  He is also ridiculously comical–a day doesn’t go by where he doesn’t make me smile or laugh with his goofy antics.

His ideal home

(These are features of a home that I think would fit him really well, they aren’t mandatory features or anything of that nature)

Dexter’s ideal home would be with an active family.  A family willing to devote the time he needs to daily exercise to keep him happy–that means daily walks, daily romps in the backyard/park, regular hiking/biking/swimming (or other more strenuous activity), and daily training (for mental work out).  He would absolutely thrive with another young and active dog–a companion to run and wrestle with.  A fenced in backyard would be an awesome bonus for him–acreage would be even more fun.  He does have some typical Cattle Dog quirks so a family experienced with ACDs or other herding dogs would be beneficial.  Since he is so green, a home that is willing to put the time into training would be great for Dexter; though he will be getting training while he’s here, he would likely benefit from continued training.  Honestly, I think a good sense of humor is important for anyone living with Dexter… sometimes you just have to laugh off his antics and smile at the funny things he will do!

He is available for adoption through Starfish To the Sea Animal Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  For more information on Dexter and the application for his adoption please check out his page on their website here: Dexter’s Page

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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