Crazy evening

I realize that informational posts have been… scarce…this week.  Well, unfortunately that isn’t going to change today (though it may be entertaining).  I had the absolute craziest evening at training classes and I am completely wiped out.

I left my house around 6:45 for my 8pm class (plenty of time to make the 35 minute drive and set up).  When I left we’d had a few distant rumbles of thunder but the sky was pretty light (cloudy but not ominous).  I had checked the weather report before I left and they just indicated some scattered storms, nothing concerning.  I got in my car and after hearing a news report that predicted a local gas shortage and thus price increase, I figured I’d fuel up if I found a station that hadn’t already raised prices.  I pumped gas and got in the car afterwards (still dry and light out) only to notice I had a text from my assistant asking if we had class.  I replied “Yes, is there something happening that would prevent it?”  she wrote back, “Ok cool, a big storm happening” to which I replied, “huh, it’s dry here.”

I got back in my car and continued down the road and sure enough as I crossed the second bridge it started to drizzle; to my left, the sky was light and typical looking… to my right the sky was as grey/green and as ominous as they come.  Traffic was slowing because of the downpour I was driving towards.  I drive through the rain and it quits as I crest the big hill (mountain) I was climbing.  I arrive at the training school and it’s barely drizzling, awesome.

This is when the crazy REALLY starts.  I meet my assistant and get out of my car to discover… the landlord had ripped down the steps that lead up to the door that I have a key for, “Huh…. uh… okay… now what?”  I talk to the grooming store below and nothing bad happened (they were somewhat scary stairs) just that the landlord was intentionally replacing the stairs (which is, like I said, a good thing because they were scary) and they hadn’t informed anyone.  As I inspected the stairs, or lack thereof, the heavens opened up and there was a massive downpour with cloud to ground lightening flashing all around with loud claps of thunder.  I RAN to my car and called the director asking what to do since I don’t have keys to the other door–after a few phone calls another trainer was on the way to open up the door for me.

I waited in my car as it absolutely poured… each time a student pulled in I got out of my car and ran to them and explained the situation–they were all so amazing and forgiving and waited in their cars until we got the door open.  So through all this I’d ran in the rain for quite a while, back and forth and stood outside their cars explaining  (all with lightening flashes and me getting slightly concerned).  Needless to say … I got pretty drenched–remember it wasn’t raining when I left my house so I had no coat.

The other trainer arrived (YAY) and the downpour turned into a monsoon (BOO!).  I finally got in the building, put my stuff down and then went BACK out into the rain to let everyone know how to get into the building and that we were in the building.  So, I got back in the building and realized that .. crap… I was wearing a white shirt that is  now completely drenched. Hmm… well then.  I remembered I had a fleece vest in my car so I went BACK down to get the vest since my shirt was both soaking wet and white (get the hint?).  During class my hair was dripping wet, I was hot and cold at the same time, and my shirt was soaked and clinging to me in odd ways.

We got class started like 15 minutes late and I was a bit frazzled BUT I think we had a pretty good class (under the circumstances) and none of the dogs were bothered by the weather at all.  It was nuts.  I was shocked that no one was informed about the construction (or destruction since the stairs had been taken down and only ONE put up [not sure why they bothered to put ONE back up])… I mean, if the director had known about this, she probably could have gotten me a key the other day OR arranged another trainer to meet me to let me in.   The storms didn’t help the situation and the ultimately soaking wet white shirt was …ugh… it was nuts.

I came home desperate for soup, a try shirt, and pajama pants…. and now I long for my bed wit ha down comforter to curl up in… CRAZY NIGHT!


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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