No sleep for the weary #2

Yeah, we’ve had threat of storms pretty much daily and Bandit, while not overly dramatic, does become crazy clingy.  Last night (Tuesday night) was no exception.  It was very windy and he got spooked by the drapes blowing and came running into my bed.  He decided the best place to sleep was right in front of my legs and coudln’t be convinced to move.  He was antsy all night, which made Shayne and Rio more antsy…. Rio likes to snuggle but last night he actually slept across my torso.  I’m not sure why but both cats decided to cuddle last night.  I couldn’t move my legs, I couldn’t move my arms, and think of repositioning myself–no, no, no.  I’d have 5 angry animals staring at me… and from my perspective, that’s like staring down the barrel of 5 sharp and pointy shot gun barrels with teeth and claws! LOL!

So, needless to say (or I’d hope it’d be needless to say), I did not get sufficient sleep last night and I am not entirely capable of writing a coherent blog post tonight (in this sentence alone, I’ve had to fix 7 words because of typos).  Bandit has been clingy tonight again but I’m putting up a baby gate so maybe I’ll have a good night’s sleep since there are more storms on tap for tomorrow night.

Preview for Friday’s post… A look at a book I’m highly anticipating. “BATting 1000” by Grisha Stewart is a book about a behavior modification protocol that I have come to really love.  I am ridiculously excited for the book to be published (it doesn’t even come out until fall or so) and I want to spread the word to other behavior nerds.


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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