Raw Noms!

Now that all the informational posts are out of the way, I figured I’d talk a bit about what Shayne and Rio eat and give you my own observations.

Shayne and Rio have been eating a diet based off prey-model raw for a little over a year now.  It was a bit of a rocky transition for Shayne and it was a big learning curve for me but it has turned out really well and I thoroughly enjoy feeding raw (plus it got me over my squeamishness about raw meats).

Shayne and Rio transitioned to raw from a grain free premium kibble with periodic raw snacks (chicken feet, raw meaty-meat, bone-in chicken breast).  I had many friends who fed raw and I was interested in it but was really overwhelmed with the process since the information out there was often mutually exclusive–yes veggies–no veggies, YES supplements–no supplements, ground–whole etc.  it was just very overwhelming.  Eventually a few friends wrote down sample menus and it started to click for me and I felt like I could do it.  Once a friend shared an Excel file that would give me a starting point for how much meat/bone/organ to feed over the course of a week it was really helpful and gave me the confidence to go for it!

I initially said that I would feed 1/2 kibble and 1/2 raw (separate meals) to use up a newly purchased bag of kibble… that lasted all of two weeks before I started feeding all raw.  Shayne was always a foodie and loved to eat, but I really enjoyed watching her eat her food with such a happy face and with such satisfaction.

What exactly do they get such satisfaction out of eating?  In a week, they will get bone-in chicken breast, venison steak, organ grind (50% liver, 50% other secreting organ), chicken leg quarters, ground venison, pork hock, pork roast, chicken backs, chicken feet, venison steak, beef steak, ground beef, and frozen pig ears, pig tails, and more chicken feet as snacks.

Some notes: I will add in green tripe occasionally if I can get my hands on some and have the extra money.  On days the dogs get one meal they also get a probiotic/digestive enzyme to help cope with the larger meal.  I don’t really do too many supplements– sometimes I add fish oil but when I run out it takes me a while to restock and I don’t always remember.  As you can see, I don’t feed fruits or veggies–okay, well that’s not true, I just don’t add them into the menus.  I feed them not because I think they are essential but because my pups really enjoy eating them and they are fun snacks.

The Switch

Switching over was actually pretty smooth…besides an issue of Shayne not chomping her bones well and trying to swallow things whole, we didn’t have issues the first two weeks.  I started freezing her meals so she had to chew it pretty well and that solved both the chewing and swallowing problem.  After about three weeks on raw, Shayne started having really wonky poop… it wasn’t all out liquid diarrhea but it was very loose.  After some problem solving, I discovered that Shayne needed to have two smaller meals and all the skin removed from the chicken to keep her poop firm.  Other than that learning experience, transitioning to raw went well.  Once I figured out the two-meal need for Shayne, I was able to introduce a wide variety of proteins and organs with out any poo problems.  After about 6 months on raw, I had worked Shayne up to being able to have one large meal a day without any repercussions (for the most part LOL).


I’m not going to lie, switching from a premium grain-free kibble to raw, I didn’t see many changes even when looking at photos I have to check the dates to be sure on some of them.  It took 3 or 4 months to start seeing small aesthetic changes in her coat and, quite honestly, took 10 months on raw to start seeing the change in body conditioning that I had wanted (she always had a little more fat covering her ribs than I’d like… she needed to like tone-up and regardless of what we did while on kibble we couldn’t quite get the body condition I’d like for her (*given her funny foot, I’ve wanted to keep her body condition strictly monitored).

Shayne had always had a crazy shiny and soft coat, she was always very muscular, and had pretty good teeth.  I saw a slight improvement in coat shine after about 3 or 4 months on raw–it really wasn’t a huge change but was noticeable.  A year later, the change in her coat is more noticeable she’s so shiny that I have to account for that when photographing her in the sun.  Along with shine, her coat has richer hues and is a little more plush.  BUT she still sheds like a maniac (one of the benefits touted by raw is a reduction in shedding… well, my furminator and I can attest to NOT having that result).

As for the dental benefits… well, her teeth are NOT perfectly white and clean but they weren’t bad when she started. She has some tartar the bottom molar on one side and she has some tartar or staining of sorts on a canine tooth where she has a small crack or imperfection on the tooth that has allowed for the bacteria to grow safely.  I give her pork hocks, frozen pigs ears, large cuts of meat, bone-in cuts of meat (edible and non-edible bones)… yet she still has some tartar.  That being said, nothing has gotten any worse and for a nearly 6 year old dog, her teeth are pretty good.  Rio .. well let’s just say his mouth takes after the sight hound part of his heritage.  As a 1.5 year old dog he has about the same amount of tartar on his teeth as Shayne (but on different teeth) even though he’s been raw fed since he was about 5 or 6 months old.

It really took about 9 months to see a big change in Shayne’s body conditioning but she finally got there.  Again, I think the reason I didn’t see big change in conditioning is that we started out in really good condition to begin with.  After about 9 months, Shayne had stayed the same weight but actually started looking really lean.  What this meant is that she had built up lean muscle mass and really toned up.  There was a photo I took where Shayne’s muscles absolutely rippled like a body builder–it was crazy.  Her core got more toned and tight and we didn’t have to change her conditioning routine at all.

See how shiny she was even before raw!?!

  So why, ultimately, do I feed raw even if I haven’t seen the huge changes some people see (besides the concerns over the additives in kibble and it actually being cheaper for me to feed raw)?  Because of this… I love watching my dogs enjoy their dinners… it’s so fun (and the neighbors freak out about it which is fun LOL!!)


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12 Responses to Raw Noms!

  1. It has been interesting reading about the journey.

  2. Brooke says:

    Raw is the way to go, for sure. The dogs love it, the cats love it, and I love that they love it!

    • Y’know I coudln’t PAY my cats to eat raw… my youngest will entertain me occasionally eating a some raw but the two older cats … not a chance. I tried transitioning them and it went no where LOL… so cats get a premium kibble with a wet food that is preservative free, cooked at low temperatures, and includes lots of whole ingredients–that’s the best we can do. But i am reminded that my now 15 year old cat (who is going strong, she doesn’t look or act over 10) ate a grocery store brand food for the first 10 years of her life before I knew better.

  3. gotspots says:

    Delta and Doc really enjoy their raw too. Both were rather small pups when I started them (Doc definitely at 8 weeks) so I haven’t been able to see a transition, but between them and my old dal who was on Nutro. It’s night and day. I hate to say it but I could never actually pet my old dal, Honda, because her fur was so greasy! But Delta and Doc are absolutely soft and I could pet them for days.

    • Y’know that’s what’s so interesting.. i mean Shayne has always had great coat, great conditioning… she’s one of the dogs who did well on kibble. But i really like watching her eat big hunks of meat LOL!

  4. Anna says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing all of this. Now to share sources for getting such items??? Half the reason I give raw items to mine is to watch them enjoy their food too. Don’t get me wrong they like their kibble, but they seem to really enjoy the raw. I was surprised to see you feed raw pork, I have reservations as they are so adamant about cooking that specific protein for people. One item I wish I could find more of is the green tripe. I have only ever found bleached in stores, and don’t want to pay shipping for green. I will need to try and remember you posted these incase I do another post on Luna’s diet.

    • Best suggestions I have is to search for a local yahoo group or co-op. Some of the things I get are bought in bigger orders through a local yahoo group. They have found good sources over the years and can get things like green tripe and organs and odd proteins.

      Pork may be considered a little riskier to feed to some but i don’t really have reservations about it…but all the pork I feed is human grade from a grocery store. It’s considered a “red meat” in my raw diet and since it’s so much cheaper than beef I use it. Money is a big thing for me… after losing my job my income, obviously, diminished so i have to be very careful with what I spend… i can’t always afford beef but pork has good vitamins/minerals/etc..

  5. We thought about raw. It totally makes sense. It is just that all of the information is so confusing.

    Your pups look great.

  6. Dogs look great! I have always been interested in finding out about raw feeding, but there’s so much out there it is hard to find just the right info. Glad you were able to find a starting point. I don’t know if I could do it with six dogs, that’s a lot of raw meat. 🙂 I like the idea, but I don’t know that I could deal with that much raw meat at once. BOL! Glad it is working for you.

    • Dogs say thanks for the compliment! Feeding for 6 would be QUITE the challenge LOL! Honestly, if I hadn’t lost my job, I probably wouldn’t have the time to start raw… when I first started it took a lot of time to meal plan… now that I got the hang of it, it’s quick and easy for the most part.

      Let me tell you, my mother laughs hysterically at me.. before i started feeding raw I was really grossed out by raw meat.. you couldn’t pay me to touch raw beef… now.. well let’s just say it’s not a problem at all! LOL!

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