Guilt-ridden plea for votes…

this is the photo entered (minus text obviously)

I hate that it’s come to this… and I sincerely apologize to all my readers… really, I do.  I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it.

A few weeks ago I entered Rio’s photo in a contest on Facebook to support a local shelter with no real hopes of winning (I keep my FB friends list pretty small so I don’t have those 1000+ friends and haven’t ever even finished in the top 10 before).  This contest is sponsored by a local flooring company and the winner of the contest will be featured on billboards all across my city!  YAY!  The contest has two rounds of voting and I was shocked and surprised by all the support given by my friends (virtual and otherwise)–their hard work of annoying their friends with pleas for votes got Rio into the FINALS!  He’s one of 10 photos still in the running to win.  Well, last I checked, Rio was in about 5th place… I’d really love to showcase a clicker-trained rescue dog on billboards around my city and I do think his photo is the best quality photo in the finals (plus I think he is incredibly handsome and eye-catching)–okay I may be biased!  After some mud-slinging by a supporter of another entry (not the actual entrant), I got sad… then mad and decided to try and call on my blogging friends for help since my photo is up against someone who apparently owns a communications company LOL.

So… *sigh*  here is my guilt-ridden plea for votes…

If you are a member of Facebook, would you please Click Here and “Like” Molyneaux the sponsor and host for the contest (the contest raised about $1000 for a local shelter!).

Once you’ve Liked Molyneaux, you can “Like” Rio’s Photo  (if the link doesn’t take you directly there, it is located under their photos in the “10 Finalists” album). Voting Ends June 29th so it’s not a long campaign.

If you feel so inclined, I would both welcome and be totally appreciative if you would “share” his photo and voting info with your friends!


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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8 Responses to Guilt-ridden plea for votes…

  1. I voted – I think it’s a terrific flooring picture – great idea!

    Lovely – thanks so much for my first laugh of the morning!

    I’m dropping by the pet blog hop today – stop by to see the gorilla at the Calgary Zoo enjoying a little fun:

    Please leave a comment back today – I’d appreciate it!

  2. Belle says:

    Hey just wanted to say I voted and left a comment. 😉 Looks like he has a very good chance at winning… To bad I don’t live around your area, I would have loved to see him on a billboard!

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  4. Tucker's Mom says:

    We “like” Rio’s photo all day long! Can’t get enough of that face! Our vote is in!

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