What Shayne loves probably more than me…

Earlier this week we saw Shayne’s search drive flourishing and the umph she puts into searching…  I wanted to share with you what Shayne really loves and what she really has a ridiculous amount of drive for…. frisbee!  I don’t think I’ve actually put video on here of Shayne playing disc and that is just such a huge part of getting to see the crazy monster she really is, LOL!

This is a trick I started in the fall but the winter weather and then the presence of Dexter really prevented me from really nailing down this sequence.  Well, I’ve had a renewed inspiration after seeing how well she did after not practicing for months.  I had wanted to keep this trick under wraps until I performed it at a competition but not many competitions on the books for me this year unfortunately.  I figured putting an “in the works” video up would give me motivation to get it put together.

Right now it’s rough and not reliable but I really can’t wait to have it reliable and smooth.  You’ll notice in the video that there is no food… the reward for the behavior (or an approximation of it) is either another frisbee toss, another trick (in the sequence), or tug (not actually in the short clip but something I used).  When she’s like this, I could drop a steak on the floor and she wouldn’t even bat an eye… the only thing on her radar is the disc and me.  With the exception of the initial flip, all the behaviors (including the reverse vault) were taught with food rewards to get an initial conceptual understanding.  I need to go back and firm up the positioning for the “rewind” behavior but I’m so pleased and excited about how this is going to end up looking.

A note on safety… Shayne has been doing these type of aerial stunts for years and knows how to control her body in the air.  She is also in really good physical condition–she has sufficient muscle mass to absorb and redirect the force of the various tricks.  I take care to avoid injuries by warming up and cooling down as well as keeping disc-placement appropriate and I make sure to NOT repeat high-impact skills over and over again.  Basically…. she’s a professional and you shouldn’t try this at home (without lots of training and practice!).



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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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7 Responses to What Shayne loves probably more than me…

  1. Bailey says:

    Bailey loves frisbee, too. Katy has yet to develop an interest.

  2. Lindsay T says:

    Nice sequence! Question, how did you train the bounce?

    • Shayne was my guinea pig… I started with a reverse chest vault. She started by doing a take actually. She was already jumping up to my chest with ease and was following the disc for ‘takes’ with lots of dedication so i just went for it. I made a big lure up to my chest, marked it and tossed out a reward disc. Eventually she started jumping up and jumping off quickly (with the exepectation of the reward throw)… i then transfered to a big lure up and into my chest then pushed the disc out and held it for her to grab… took a few times for her to get the idea but then marked/rewarded. When she began to expect the take UP off my body I just gave it a toss and she went for it.

      SINCE then, i used the balance ball techniques to refine it a little and build a BIT more conceptual understanding …. Rio was already OFFERING box turns off my shins from like day one…. i used the balance ball work in the beginning (but not too much) and just put to together…

  3. lexy3587 says:

    awesome… and she looks like hse’s having so much fun, too!

  4. Ximena says:

    I can only hope that Elli will be this great one day. It’s gonna take a whole lot of dedication on my part, that’s for sure!

    Thanks for sharing the video! I hope it does give you motivation — you’ve got such a great worker there!

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