Belated Birthday Bash

Well, yesterday was my birthday and the tradition over the last few years has been to spend the day with the dogs doing something adventurous before celebrating in the evening.  I had planned on today’s blog being about our birthday excursion but… mother nature threw a wrench into the spokes of that plan.

This week has been (and continues to be) extremely hot.  By 9:30 am it was already 85F outside and the temperature was predicted to continue to climb.  I made the choice to by-pass our planned morning hike because there aren’t any good places to really cool off and I knew they’d need it.  I thought we could make it out to the pond in the afternoon but the temperatures went up into the low 90’s with lots of humidity and while the dogs may have survived with the pond to cool off in… I would not.  So we put the hike and swim on hold for about a week which is when the temperatures will finally drop back into the 80’s.

So, here are some photos from last year’s birthday hike at Rockefeller State Park in New York.


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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7 Responses to Belated Birthday Bash

  1. Belle says:

    First off, Happy Birthday!

    I’m a native to Washington, and currently taking a trip to the Ohio. Oh my dog, the heat and humidity is killing me. It’s been in the ninties all week and has hit 100 the past few days. :O I can’t walk anywhere. Training in the weather would be a nightmare. Poor Rio and Shane, I’m glad they and you had a nice, cooling hike.

    • Thank you! I’m in PA and it’s been too hot to do anything…the hike was actually from last year because I had to put off the hike for this year due to the outrageous temperatures…. here’s to hoping for sub=90F days some time soon!

  2. gotspots says:

    Lol Belle, I’m from Ohio. It really SUCKS right now. Delta and Doc are NOT happy about it. Lol

    I already told you, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂

    • Rio and Shayne are starting to drive me NUTS! At least in winter I can wear lots of clothes and take them out with coats on… but summer doesn’t allow for wardrobe modifications to mitigate the weather LOL!

      Thank you!

  3. I just got back to my blog reading after my (at times very hot) vacation (also in NY) and I just wanted to wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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