Why it’s hard living with a.. Shih Tzu?!

Living with Bandit, my mom’s Shih Tzu is generally easy (minus his fence fighting) but he is obsessive about playing in mud.  He gets a mud bath and then must get a normal bath because the stench doesn’t brush out LOL.  When we go to the pond (if I bring him along which I don’t always because I don’t want to have to bathe him) he almost always will spend the ENTIRE time digging in the muddy edges of the pond looking for snails or frogs or something.



Ewww!!! Icky Muddy Puppy!!!

And that is why it’s hard living with a Shih Tzu!


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8 Responses to Why it’s hard living with a.. Shih Tzu?!

  1. Tucker's Mom says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty gross! 🙂

    • It is pretty gross…. but he LOVES it and has so much fun–so I break down and normally let him go weekly. I hate bathing him that often but… there’s NO way he can not get a bath LOL. It’s funny.. when he goes to the pond he’ll be EXHAUSTED for days afterwards because of all the energy he uses digging/sniffing/”swimming”…. my dogs are tired for a few hours LOL!

  2. Of Pit Bulls and Patience says:

    Wow! Parker also enjoys a good dig in the mud, or a wade through muck, or rolling in the dirt… I’ve given up trying to stop him, and now just keep his hair cut extra short so that all I have to do is wipe him down with a baby wipe after each adventure. But Bandit’s face is so cute (muddy or otherwise) that I think I’d let him be fluffy and gross and happy. Either way, I feel your pain!


  3. Nice!! He looks super duper happy in those “after” photos 🙂

    Our boys have to get baths after the pond a lot, too … but it’s only because the water is super duper gross/stinky. They’re not really diggers. (Though if there is mulch, they will dig like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know why.) We went to one pond and Duncan got out and I swear he had a green/black tinge to his previously white fur. Oh it was SO gross!!

    I take it Shayne & Rio aren’t diggers? At least not in the mud?

    • He IS super happy and super exhausted after he spends an hour digging in the mud after something. Shayne and Rio would much rather be swimming than playing in the mud so they just get a little stinky from the water. I’m generally tolerant of some minor pond stink so the big dogs don’t generally get a bath… they may get rinsed off occasionally but no baths… i figure they are just going back to the pond in a few days, why bother LOL!

  4. Vero says:

    He looks so happy and proud in the after pictures!

  5. Ha! Ha! Too cute. (And really makes me appreciate my Lab and my V’s coats)

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