dropped the ball… but I make it up to you!

Alright, so last night was a crazy night.  I finished my training classes and was on my way home at 9:18pm–my ride is normally 20-25 minutes long which has me arriving home around 9:45.  I grab a bite to eat and generally sit down to start my blog post for the evening.  Well, last night was the commute from… not heaven… took me an hour and twenty minutes.  It was awful.   There is a crazy construction project on that road which can turn my 25minute drive into a 45minute drive in its own right but on top of that awful project, there was a water main break earlier in the day that they were repairing.  So, this is like a ‘main drag’ 6 lane road and they had it down to one lane in each direction, with random lane switches, and had it so people could not make a left hand turn (to get off that road).  It just so happens that I needed to turn left to get to my house.  After 4 intersections, passed the one I initially wanted to turn left at, I finally gave up and turned right at an intersection and then made a VERY illegal u-turn so I could FINALLY cross the darn road!  It was a crazy journey and I didn’t even get home until 10:40 but I made it home eventually and safely.  I had to feed the dogs and return some work emails… and I found it to be nearly midnight before starting to think about my blog… which stinks because I agreed to a last-minute babysitting job for my neighbor… and the job starts at 7:15am.

Given that I have to get up in like 6 hours, I’m not going to get to write a proper blog.  Sad-face right?  Well, I’ll make it up by sharing some Rio puppy pictures and a few Rio naughty pictures and and early Rio video… I hope you enjoy!

The first photo <3!

AWWWW... His ears changed positions almost daily for a while!

His second day with me, CLEARLY making himself comfortable!

Here... i bring you your slipper.... for me to chew!

i ❤ My Cousin Vinny... it tastes good!

Rio's favorite spot was to hide under my couch and peak his nose out... it was so cute!

Look at that funny ear!!

Not so much a puppy anymore, but still funny!


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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7 Responses to dropped the ball… but I make it up to you!

  1. Kirsten says:

    I think this is a fabulous blog post! Any opportunity to ogle a little cattle dog mix, I’ll take!


  2. ettel says:

    Sorry to hear about the traffic last night – but it really was a great post and so fun to see how far Rio’s come! Click!

  3. Tucker's Mom says:

    Well, Tena, I always love your posts as they’re thought-provoking, and informative. BUT … if you ever need to take a break, all you need to do to keep me happy is post pictures of Rio. Obviously Shayne is beautiful, too, but something about Rio just makes me laugh. He’s such a goofball and seeing his face always gives me a lift.

    Sorry about your horrific commute last night. :o(

    • Rio is a ridiculously silly looking dog.. looking at his pictures just makes me laugh! Shayne is so serious and formal that she’s very appealing to look at but rio just makes me laugh, so i hear ya! i’ll keep that in mind… LOL!

  4. Rio’s eeeearrrrssss 😀 😀

    I love puppy ears anyway (they never seem to be the right size, first of all – and the poor pups never know what to do with them!) … but since I love Rio’s coloring and such as well … well, these are some GREAT pics!

    Not that I want you to get stuck in horrific traffic all the time, but I’ll take a “Hey look at my doggies!” picture break whenever you want to do it!!

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