Big Changes In The Wings…

Brilliant new logo!

I wanted to give everyone fair warning that in a few weeks my blog is going to be making a drastic change.

When I started my journey into blogging, I told myself that if I was able to continue to blog reliably for 6 months that I would buy a URL, find hosting, and run my own blog.  Well, 6 months came and went with little to no fanfare because I was busy finalizing and “legalizing” all aspects of my training business.   Now that things have settled down, I’m ready to make the big move.

Part of the motivation is that my business needs a website and since my business is also my blog name, I figured the best solution would be to combine the two together.  A great friend designed my business logo and I will be unveiling a new website design in the coming weeks-yay!

But the important thing to take note of is that in a few weeks I will have a new URL and you will have to subscribe, follow, bookmark, link, etc to a new website in order to continue to easily read my blog (though this page will either automatically redirect or give you a link to the new blog).

I will remind you one or two more times before we do the actual move but I wanted to give everyone a heads to up to hopefully prevent any issues during the move (like missing the RSS feed).

I’m super excited to share this journey with everyone (though please accept my apologies in advance for any technical hiccups!).

Shayne's offical CGC picture! So proud of her!

Ready.... get set..... GOOO!

I am brave--YAYY!



About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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4 Responses to Big Changes In The Wings…

  1. Tucker's Mom says:

    Congratulations on this next step in your career, and your blog! Click!

  2. Good luck with your impending shift:) I shifted from Blogger to self hosted Word Press nearly 2 months ago and things went very smoothly, although I did have the odd major hiccup, which was generally self inflicted! It’s all a fun challenge when you don’t have much idea what you’re doing:)

    I love the photo of Shayne being brave.

  3. Congrats!! Can’t wait to check out the new site. Sounds exciting!

  4. Late doing the congratulating b/c I have been busy with all the changes at ISD but …

    Congrats!! That’s super exciting (and lots of work!) for you 🙂 Hope everything goes as smoothly as a big transition can go!!

    Woofs & Wags from ISD (And from me, Jake, Duncan, Skimble, and Jemima)

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