Paws for a Cause–kitty cause!

I’ve been making tugs for quite a while now and I’ve been accumulating the scraps for about 4 months because I felt bad about throwing away so much stuff–I really try to reduce the amount of trash I create.  I have bags and bags of fleece scraps and I really needed to find some use for it soon because it was getting out of hand.  Well, I noticed that my cat’s small tube/pillow/cigar toy was almost completely flat and dead.  It looked easy enough to make so I figured that I’d give it a try.

Well, I made a few “cases” with scrap fabric, stuffed them with fleece scraps and catnip and … BAM!… absolute craziness ensued.  I took about 12 photos and only these two were NOT blurred to high heaven of the cats wrestling and running around with the toys..

All the cats got mad crazy and were having quite a lot of fun with their new toys–I figured they may be fun for other cat so play with as well.

Since I’ll be selling tugs at a fundraiser event this coming weekend, I figured I could quickly and easily make these “Kitty Kick-Bags” to sell as inexpensive toys and then donate what didn’t sell to the kitty rescues at the event.  I’m actually quite excited about these because I can make them very inexpensively but they are still quite nice.

I decided to create a buy 10, give 10 type program (if it goes well it may be a buy 10, give 20 program eventually).  I wish I could just donate them to shelters/rescues but I do have to buy fabric and catnip so I came up with a program that allows me to donate toys while making sure I’m able to afford the donations and continued donations.

I will be placing one set of 10 Kitty Kick-Bags for sale on my Etsy Store for $10+shipping (in the US it ends up being about $1.50 per toy which is incredibly cheap for this type of toy).  When a set of 10 sells, I will be running a contest either here or on my Facebook and the winner will receive a coupon code to order a set of 10 for the non-profit shelter/rescue of their choice at 99% off because I’m unable to give a 100% off coupon code (winner must agree to pay shipping).  Again, I wish I could absorb the shipping costs but at this point I do not have the capital to do so.  These are a somewhat limited item since their availability is directly connected to the tug toy sales (no tug making, no scrap fleece which means no kitty toys).  I will NOT put a set of 10 for sale if I do not have the fleece scraps for the 10 to donate.

Keep an eye out for any contests regarding these toys, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Here are the details of the toys:

Kitty Kick-Bags are about 7″-8″ long and about 5.5″ circumference which is a little bit bigger than the typical pillow/cigar style toy–it’s a little more huggable!  Fabric is a mixed bag.. some cat-themed, some a little more feminine, some a little more masculine, and some pretty much neutral–I generally use 100% cotton fabric though I’m currently experimenting with a moleskin suede-like material.  All the toys are stuffed with fleece scraps, plenty of organic catnip, and given a spritz of catnip oil spray on the outside for extra enticing scent.


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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3 Responses to Paws for a Cause–kitty cause!

  1. Tucker's Mom says:

    These look like fun! Olivia especially is a catnip junkie so I know she’ll love these!

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