More fun than a barrel of monkeys

I have a few gift cards for stores like Petco and Petsmart that I need to use–since I don’t generally shop there it’s a bit of an  “out of the way” adventure.   I don’t feed any of the food or treats they carry… and their toys and stuff are so over-priced that I generally don’t buy them either…BUT since I had gift cards, I was willing to spend the “money” on some toys.

Well, I searched and searched but could not find anything that I really wanted…. I first thought of a Tuffies brand toy since we haven’t had one in a while but they don’t carry them anymore 😦  Then I thought about a new “Buster Cube” since our got locked up after a few years and I couldn’t clean it.

I ended up coming home with a Kong Wobbler.  I know, I know.. “but Tena, you don’t feed kibble!”  well, I’ve wanted one for a while and unlike some rawbies (raw feeders), I don’t mind giving the pups kibble periodically–it’s like fast food for them.  Although our wobbler doesn’t wobble so well, the dogs love it!  They both had their chance to get their dinner out of it and it was hilarious!  Shayne just barreled it around the house dragging it, trying to throw it–basically beating the poor Wobbler into submission (and then throwing it down our non-carpeted steps).   Rio was much more deliberate… smack it to make it tip over then roll it around until food comes out.  They both at some point or another jammed the top into their mouth and tried to just chew it open… so cute!

MAYBE if I jam the whole wobbler in my mouth it will magically open!

Does slamming it to the ground work? no? How about launching it into the wall?

Maybe if i try to gnaw at the litle hole .....


OMG! I WON! After 30 minutes of fighting (between both dogs) for that LAST PIECE of kibble, Rio finally won!


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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12 Responses to More fun than a barrel of monkeys

  1. Awww! what breed is the chocolate colored dog? We had a dog that looked just like that once!

  2. gotspots says:

    Hehehe, sounds like my two. There are giant teeth gashes in it… I slightly dislike the wobbler, just for the fact that they throw it into everything and it’s the loudest toy ever. HAHA

  3. lexy3587 says:

    haha… i have one of these, and it is awesome! it means Gwynn takes a few minutes to eat his dinner, instead of a few secons 😛
    though he’s never done anything quite as spectacular as shoving it almost entirley into his mouth – that’s hilarious!

    • Yep… the dogs had a really good time playing with it! For the lazy days when I don’t feel like feeding raw, i’ll be using this since it keeps them busy a little while longer! Though i THINK my favorite treat dispensing toy is still probably the buster cube… you can make it harder by adjusting the center cylinder –though it too is quite loud.

  4. Bailey says:

    Looks like they had fun.

  5. Lynnda L says:

    FYI PETCO carries several brands of no grain kibble like Baking at the Moon, [Solid Gold], Merrick’s Before Grain, Core [Wellness], and all the Natural Balance Sweet Potatoe and ___ [Bison, Fish, Chicken, Venison, Duck]. And, at my PETCO anyway, several no grain treats like dehydrated cheese, Wellness jerky treats as well as dehydrated Nat.Bal. meat roll [called Roll A Rounds]. I like the Wobbler — I put duck tape over the hole to slow the dispensing rate for my persistent female Dalmatian. The hollow, green rubbery balls with two cloverleaf holes from the Everylasting Treat Ball folks [sorry, don’t remember the name — Clean Run calls it Treat Dispensing Chew Ball] is *my* favorite seeing it is easy on the ears. It is a bit more time consuming to load than the Wobbler or Tug-A-Jug seeing you have to get the kibble into the hole, simultaneously covering the other hole so the food doesn’t drop out. The purple, egg-shapped kibble dispenser from Premier works well, but it is not at the bog-box stores that I know about. All these kibble dispensing toys are easier to maintain than KONGs that need to be stuffed with mushy stuff to “glue” stuff in the KONG [and prevent kibble from immediately falling out of the hole]. Too much washing with KONGs….
    Lynnda L in Minneapolis with three, medium sized dogs [mostly raw fed]

    • Hi Lynnda! I haven’t seen the one from Clean Run I don’t think, I’ll go give it a gander! I’m a big fan of treat dispensing toys… i just don’t feed kibble enough to justify buying too many. BUT there’s always room for JUST ONE more right? LOL !!

      I generally don’t buy at petco/petsmart because i have concerns over their ethics regarding their small animals and such. I’ve wanted to try the Premier Brand squirrel buddy (like a kong) but am no longer purchasing or suggesting premier items (i’m VERY sad to no longer get to suggest the manners minder, tug-a-jug, etc). I AM super glad Petco sells some quality foods because my students/clients can easily find them and don’t have to go find a specialty petstore (though as a small business owner, I try to support other small businesses) but I try to be conscientious about what my money is supporting.

      I’m a KONG classic freak… although i like food dispensing toys, i LOVE stuffable kongs 🙂 But I also don’t mind washing them… once a week they all get gathered up and put into HOOOOTTTT soapy water and it melts out all the ick 🙂 If i hated washing them, i would definitely not use them as much 🙂

  6. Looks they had loads of fun!! I had ordered one last winter online, thinking it was the size of a regular Kong and could keep Toby busy in his crate, but when it arrived in the mail and I saw the size, I knew it obviously would not be a good crate toy and it would probably terrify Meadow, so I had re-gifted it (unused). Hopefully, the lucky V who did get it is enjoying it as much as your dogs are!

  7. Mary says:

    Send this to Kong, they would love to read it! nice

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