Wordless Wednesday

*apparently my wordless Wednesday postgot very messed up and it “saved” without all the photos I put in.. so it’s a little late but here’s my post…


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Tucker's Mom says:

    Great pictures! I love seeing dogs and cats getting along so well. All of mine do, too, but I know it’s not super common.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Those are some precious cuddly photos! So sweet to see all that interspecies lovin’.

  3. Kristine says:

    That last photo made my day. It’s my dream to have a cat that gets along so well with my dog.

    • Rio and Jefferson play together all the time, it’s a little ridiculous… they chase each other all over the house. Jefferson jumps on Rio’s back and bites into his withers… just like lions on national geographic do to gazelles! then Rio pins jefferson on the ground. It’s quite funny!

  4. I thought that was Frankie in the second photo for a moment! I love seeing photos of dogs and cats enjoying each other’s company … because it’s never going to happen here:( But I’m glad it happens for other people.

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