We have winners! (and lots of laughter!)

Thank you for everyone who entered my contest!  I purposefully didn’t read all the comments until today (Sunday), I wanted a bulk amount of laughter, not just a little spread over a few days.  I was so very pleased with the great submissions!

The First Place Winner is…….

Submitted by Tiffany....

I chose this because it is exactly what Panther would say about Jefferson…he picks on her occasionally and really likes to just pester her (until she smacks him in the face of course).  This photo had quite a few AMAZING captions… it was a very hard decision.

Congratulations Tiffany!!!

Send me an email at successjustclicks@gmail.com with the color/pattern color(s) you are interested it and I’ll see what I have available!


And the two runners up….

Submitted by Anita...


Submitted by Mel


Again, there were some awesome submissions and it was a very hard choice but these two definitely got me chuckling!

If Mel and Anita would send me an email to successjustclicks@gmail.com and I will send you both a coupon code for Tugs By Tena.  If either of you are located in Canada, let me know!

And now, to return the favor… here’s Jefferson nearly knocking a frame off the wall and nearly falling off the cat tower….



About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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One Response to We have winners! (and lots of laughter!)

  1. Tiffany says:

    Thanks Tena!!

    Bet that was a hard decision.

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