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Shameless self promotion time. The holidays are quickly approaching and my tug orders are quickly rolling in (and quite literally piling up).  I wanted to let everyone know that if you would like to order Tugs By Tena tugs, now … Continue reading

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Puh-lease, puppies are not presents

I’m sure if you are on facebook (and have lots of friends in the dog world) you have seen at least one of the photos in a public awareness campaign against buying/adopting puppies/dogs as presents for the holidays. Well, I … Continue reading

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Let’s Rally?

I am absolutely the first to admit that I have slacked off on Rio’s obedience skills.  He doesn’t really have a solid “front,” he doesn’t have a good stay, he bounces up on his downs semi-regularly, he doesn’t have a … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have quite a lot to be thankful for this year–a mom who was willing to take me in after I lost my job and lost my apartment, a mom who lets me live here for free in exchange for … Continue reading

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Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks

Fair warning… I’m not entirely sure if I will be posting the rest of the week or not… it depends on schedules and how much time I can avoid my family before they notice I’m missing.  Weather is also supposed … Continue reading

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A rare gem of a dog…

Although many people get dogs “for the kids,”  there are many dogs who do not really enjoy spending time with children and others who are downright not safe around children.  I am someone who has a very high level of … Continue reading

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One of my difficult training issues…

I have had chase for just under three weeks and he learned down reasonably well within about 3 days with a few sessions a day (that may or may not have actually included ‘down’).  That is a FAR cry from … Continue reading

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