New Foster Dog… photos!

My day has been absolutely crazy and I am completely exhausted.  New foster dog is here… zero issues with anybody (except Bandit who is more humpy than I’ve ever seen him [foster dog is not yet neutered] but he’s calming down a bit).  Shayne was AWESOME with the newbie and Rio’s forward nature had the foster concerned at first but quickly became a playmate.

Right now he’s being heavily crated since he isn’t yet housebroken and I want to slowly introduce him into the ‘pack’ so they can be successful.  But the few short interactions have been great.  He’s not LOVING his crate but he’s tolerating it and is starting to learn to like stuffed Kongs.

He is ridiculously happy.  I would even called him effervescent … it’s crazy how infectious his happiness is!  So far he’s been great with the other dogs, is super loving with people, and is curious but friendly to the cats (if they ignore him and don’t move he quickly moves on).

He’s got energy through the roof right now but I suspect with regular exercise, that will change a bit.  He’s got zero training and so he has zero manners.  He’ll be a lot of work to give him the foundations he needs but I think he will be a BLAST to work with.

I got him this afternoon right before I had a private client and two classes so I didn’t get a chance to snap photos when it was bright so I snapped a few when I got home… BUT between it being dark and him not standing still for a moment, the photos are … not so good.  I hope you enjoy them even though they are not my best, you know there will be many more to come!

Initially I thought I would call him Stevie, but it really doesn’t fit him.  So for now he is “puppy”  … hopefully we’ll get a name nailed down in the next day or two, hehe!


Foster boy!


"What's that thing in your hand.. can i eat it!?!"


During play Puppy jumps completely over Rio!

About to jump on Shayne's head...


i think i understand this ball game...


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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5 Responses to New Foster Dog… photos!

  1. Jodi says:

    Good luck Tena, I don’t think I could foster, I would become too attached.

    So what about the name Foster?

  2. Ci Da says:

    Good luck! He looks lovely. I’ve got the itch to get a new dog recently, and all the adoptable dogs you’ve been posting on FB aren’t helping.

  3. Pauley James says:

    He is adorable! Thanks for fostering him.

  4. Awww…he DOES look like a happy guy! So glad he is fitting in so easily, and yeah, he sounds like he will be a lot of fun to work with. Good luck finding a name.

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