Feeling a bit better–important info

I’m feeling a bit better but found myself behind in a lot of work so you’ll have to enjoy a preview of my wordless wednesday post.

Also, my new design is getting closer and closer to being finished.  We will be moving this blog to the new “home” in the near future.  The blog will be moving to my new webpage www.successjustclicks.com .  There is a spacesaver page up for the time being but I want to give everyone a heads up to add it as a bookmark (but it’s an easy enough URL if you know my blog 🙂 ).  I have the RSS feed set up but I’m not sure it’s the “right” one because the blog will now be a subpage  probably http://www.successjustclicks.com/blog  (but don’t quote me on that one just yet).  I’m going to be relying all my regular readers to let me know if there is a problem with the new page or RSS feeds or anything else you may find.

Monday was a ridiculously beautiful day 65 degrees and sun (the normal high is in the low 50’s).  So although I still didn’t feel great I met up with my good friend from Got Spots and her two spotty dogs for a day at the farm.  It was our second get together at the farm with the four dogs together and it ended up with all four dogs hanging out beautifully off-leash.  Here is a gorgeous photo of all four dogs near the end of our day… <3!


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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3 Responses to Feeling a bit better–important info

  1. Wow – what a great photo! So cool that you got all four of their attentions at the same time to take it. No easy feat!

  2. Kristine says:

    I am glad you are feeling a little better. Unfortunately, I understand all about being behind. After my vacation last week I was greeted by piles and piles of work Monday morning. Not so much a good time. 😛

    The new site looks pretty awesome already. I love the colour scheme. Can’t wait for the big reveal!

  3. Gorgeous photo! I’m happy to enjoy wordless posts if they contain pretty pictures like this one. Glad you are feeling better and hope you catch up soon (like Kristine I know what it feels like to be swamped with work- and it sucks).

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