A rare gem of a dog…

Although many people get dogs “for the kids,”  there are many dogs who do not really enjoy spending time with children and others who are downright not safe around children.  I am someone who has a very high level of concern about dogs and kids living together, it takes a lot for me to suggest a dog go to a home with kids because the risk is high for both child and dog.

I will say that Chase is a dog who I would absolutely, with no hesitation, give the all clear to be adopted into a family with kids (who were 6 or 0older).  This dog loves kids… and I mean loves.  We have a few neighbor boys and if Chase sees them outside he sits at the fence waiting for them and then leans into the fence to get pet.  He wants almost nothing more than he does the kids.  If they are outside and he can see them, I can’t call him inside… I actually have to go out and retrieve him.

I wanted to see him interact with the boys so under close supervision (and while leashed), I let them come over and pet him and play with him.  Chase enjoyed hugs–always circling back for more,  tolerated having his feet picked up and being danced around (I would have stepped in if Chase showed any signs of stress), he didn’t get nippy or mouthy even when the kids were running around or rolling on the ground, and he was super snuggly!

There are not many dogs I give glowing reviews about with regards to kids but Chase really earned those  reviews.  He loves kids, tolerates some inappropriate handling, and even enjoys some ‘inappropriate’ handling like the hugs.  It’s really great to be able to see a dog who is so clearly smitten with children.

He is really one of the few dogs I would have no hesitations about placing in a home with kids (over 6yrs old).  With proper supervision and training (for both the humans and the canines) he would be a great addition to a family with children.  (Any dog, no matter how sound can be problematic with children if they are not supervised and the children and dog aren’t given some rules.)


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I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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3 Responses to A rare gem of a dog…

  1. Kristine says:

    Those photos are just so awesome. What a wicked feeling to watch him play with such young children and now he was loving every moment of it! Our dog is not super-kid friendly (which is fine as we don’t intend on having any) and I am very, very careful about letting children say hello to her. She is jumpy at the best of times and could easily hurt them without intending to do so. Usually I will tell them they can give her a treat in lieu of petting and encourage them to tell her to sit first. This makes my dog happy and the child seems to have fun as well.

    Chase is such a fun dog. His new family is going to be so lucky to have him!

  2. How wonderful – he really does sound like a gem. Maybe even a therapy dog in the making…

  3. Anna says:

    That’s great. Both of our dogs do enjoy playing with the kids. But we usually supervise and have taught them to be pretty tolerant, as well as taught the kids how to handle them. Luna grew up with a toddler, so they both learned from eachother, and Luna lets her do more to her physically than even me. Having a lot of family members and thus kids, it was important to try and instill that love in children in our pups. I love having them make Luna work, as it’s a great way for them to interact safely and she gets a payout too.
    Sounds like you are having fun with Chase, I am glad he is working out so well.

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