Happy Thanksgiving!


I have quite a lot to be thankful for this year–a mom who was willing to take me in after I lost my job and lost my apartment, a mom who lets me live here for free in exchange for buying all the groceries each month and cooking regularly, a 10 year old car who (yes who, his name is Vladamir) is still running strong, friends and colleagues who have helped me get the business started with referrals and references, friends who used their connections to get me a meeting which got me my part time job, and a dad who has been mostly healthy this year after some pretty extensive hospitalization last year.  I’m fortunate to say the list goes on for all the things I’m thankful for so here is a short list of what I think Shayne and Rio are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Shayne is thankful:

  • For never ending supply of bully sticks that I’ve been able to provide
  • That the freezer never goes empty (and that it’s particularly full right now)
  • That my mom bought over 125 used tennis balls for me to play with (I’m sad that i’m on the last 25)
  • That I have a fenced in yard where I can play and hang out while mom is outside or while she’s casually watching from the warmth of the house
  • The 5 plush dog beds in the house so there is almost always one available
  • That Rio has grown up and isn’t quite as annoying as he once was
  • That mom bought me cornish hen for Thanksgiving feast
  • That I get to spend a lot of time with mom everyday and I even get to share her pillow at night
  • That foster dogs eventually go to a new home…. there are enough canines here!
  • That mom was so proud of me for earning something called a CGC… don’t know what it means but she seemed really excited
  • That we found the pond to swim in and dive off rocks into
  • For cookies
  • For string cheese
  • For mom forgetting to put the gate up to the basement and I get to go eat the cat food
  • That mom lets me cuddle and snuggle in her lap everyday… she even holds me like a baby which is my favorite!

Rio is thankful:

  • For squirrels
  • That there are squirrels that come inside the fence that I sometimes get to chase
  • That there are squirrels that sometimes climb on the tree in the yard that I can bark at
  • That Shayne is willing to cuddle with me and share the dog bed with me
  • That mom took me lure coursing a few times this year… even driving ALL the way to NY to do it!
  • That I got to go on so many adventures this year–In just this year I’ve been in NY, CT, PA, OH, WV!
  • That mom let me play with the spotty dog friends!
  • That I hear that Risa still looks for me if she hears me barking on youtube
  • That foster dogs get to come play with me for a little…then go to a new home
  • That mom lets me sleep under the covers every night
  • That there always seems to be string cheese in the fridge
  • That mom had me in agility classes for most of the year
  • For mom trusting me off-leash so I can run free at the farm and the pond… and even chase some wildlife
  • That I’ve got to meet lots of canine friends this year
  • That there are about 5 windows were I can perch and watch the squirrels
  • That mom makes tug toys because there is a never ending supply

About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Kristine says:

    Yay for string cheese! These are great lists. Your dogs clearly have their priorities in line. I hope you all had a terrific holiday and are enjoying the long weekend.

    PS. Vladimir is the perfect name for a car. 🙂

  2. Tucker's Mom says:

    Looks like Shaye and Rio have a lot to be thankful for! I LOVE that your car is named Vladimir!

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