Shameless self promotion time.

The holidays are quickly approaching and my tug orders are quickly rolling in (and quite literally piling up).  I wanted to let everyone know that if you would like to order Tugs By Tena tugs, now is the time to do it.  When I reach a critical mass of orders and I don’t think I can fill anymore before the holidays, I will stop taking orders.  I got inundated recently with orders so that time when I stop taking orders may be coming up sooner rather than later.

So, if you would like to get in on some holiday tugs for yourself or others, sooner rather than later would be a good thing.  You can order them from my Tugs By Tena Etsy Shop.  I have 5 different sizes available and am happy to make custom sized tugs if you just contact me about it.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I went to the fabric store and picked up lots of fleece and some new patterns and colors…. so here are some new options I have available…


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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4 Responses to Tug-Time!

  1. Kristine says:

    These are some gorgeous colours. I have been tempted to order one for a long time. Shiva doesn’t really need any new tug toys but if this one has more lasting potential… We don’t have any gifts for her yet…

    • They aren’t antlers by any means but if you use it as an interactive toy, I’ve had really good success keeping them together. The tails get ripped up but the body stays together really nicely… if it’s left out as a chew item, dogs can gnaw through the fleece with some work…

  2. ettel says:

    I forgot that you make tugs! It was actually how I found your blog in the first place, I think you were holding a giveaway that someone linked to. I might have a to buy a few for all my clients . . . I’d better hurry up!!

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