Getting Ready To Move

This may very well be the last reminder before we make the switch over to the new web page!  It looks like we will be working on switching over everything over the next few days, so probably by next week we will have the new page up.

So, what do YOU need to do?

IF you are an email subscriber… well, I’m sad to say that as of right now I do not have an email subscription option.  The next easiest option is likely to sign up to get my RSS feed–this option can still allow you to get posts easily and even via email.  I will be investigating having an email subscription option but for now it’s not there.

IF you follow me via Networked Blogs on Facebook… well, once my new blog is live, I will be creating a new networked blogs page so you can follow the new blog on Facebook.

IF you have me bookmarked, you’ll just have to update your bookmarks  🙂

IF you follow me by signing up to my RSS feed, you’ll just have to update the RSS feed subscription.  There will be a button on the top of the page to sign up to my RSS feed.

I will post the URL when it’s live and will double post on this blog and the new one for a few days until everyone has had a chance to update their bookmarks/rss/networked blogs information.

During this transition time, if you notice any bugs on the new page, let me know so we can get it fixed.  We have been testing it while it’s not live and THINK we’ve done a really good job BUT I’m sure there is stuff we haven’t noticed!


About Success Just Clicks

I'm a dog trainer and enthusiast who moonlights as a blogger and custom tug-toy maker.
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5 Responses to Getting Ready To Move

  1. Ron Watson says:

    Umm… LOVE the logo, ladies!

  2. Hi Tena, I recently moved my blog, too, but kept it on the WordPress platform – which it looks like you are doing, too? Do you have the WordPress Jetpack plugin? It has the same e-mail subscription option as you have here on your blog. I tested a bunch of different plugins and came back to this one b/c I like the clean layout in e-mail and it will look the same to my old subscribers. (My new website is

    • Oooo thanks for sharing that! I’ll pass it along to my web design person to see if i either have that one or if she could add it 🙂 Thanks bunches! Gotta add your new website to my blog roll (not sure how you weren’t there in the first place… )

  3. Kristine says:

    Awesome! It’s very exciting, isn’t it? I’ll be sure to check in once it’s all set up and make the necessary changes on my blogroll. You are becomming a super-star!

  4. lexy3587 says:

    I hope you put in an email subscription – if I don’t get your emails through wordpress anymore (?), getting them through my email is the easiest option. I’m still not even really sure what the whole RSS thing is about… technology is hard, lol.

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