Current Classes–WPHS

I am currently teaching group classes through Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in Pittsburgh, PA.  If you are interested in taking any classes, feel free to drop me an email, but below is a list of the classes that I’m currently teaching that have space available and are accepting registrations…

Sports and Games!

Want to try a sport or game with your dog but are unsure which one your dog would like or that you’d like to try? Join us for a 7 week adventure into dog sports and games–learn about some sports and games you may not have known about and have fun playing with your dog! Dogs and handlers will be introduced to Agility, Rally-O, and nose games. Additional sports / games may include freestyle dancing, canine flying discs, and other training games.

Prerequisites: Prior obedience class–Adult Basic or Teen Intervention (or a solid foundation in basic obedience behaviors including loose leash walking.) Dogs should be comfortable working in an enclosed area with other dogs and people.

This is a drop-in style class which means you will get a ticket that allows for 7 visits within 12 weeks. You are welcome to come 7 weeks in a row but are also able to come to the class when your schedule allows once you attend the mandatory orientation.

Class meets on Thursdays at 8pm at the Crafton Facility.  Orientations for class are scheduled regularly visit for more information and to register.

Adult Basic and Teen Intervention classes

These classes are introductory level family manners/basic obedience classes.  Both classes teach foundational behaviors like: name recognition, hand targeting, impulse control, sit, down, loose leash walk, and the beginnings of come and stay.  Teen class provides some additional opportunities for work on impulse control and focus–two areas the teens frequently need additional work.   Both classes give the handlers the knowledge and skills to continue to refine and improve the behaviors taught in the class.

Classes are one hour long and meet once a week for 7 weeks (with the first class being a humans only orientation).

The start dates vary but I offer at least one of these classes on Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings.

For more information or to see the specific schedule, visit

Family Manners/Obedience for Reactive Dogs
(not the official name)

This is NOT a behavior modification class for reactive dogs… it IS a class to
teach foundational manners behaviors to dogs who are reactive and may have not
been able to focus/succeed in a typical obedience class. (It IS set up to give
the behaviors needed to succeed in WPHS’ behavior modification class for
reactive dogs called Canine Focus. So if handlers would like to continue their
training and work on the reactivity they will have the basic skills to do so.)

This class will teach name recognition, hand targeting, sit, down, loose leash
walking, and other basic manners behaviors. The classroom and class size are
designed to keep dogs below threshold as best as possible by limiting the class
size and the visual/auditory stimuli.

3 Responses to Current Classes–WPHS

  1. Cassie says:

    Hi Tena,

    I’m interested in taking a class with my dog. He’s 7 yrs old, and I’ve had him for 6 years. He doesn’t have any behavior issues, although he doesn’t always come when called. I’m really just looking for a class where he can have fun and socialize with other dogs in a safe environment. We moved to an apartment in June, and I’m weary of socializing him at dog parks because he is a cancer survivor, and I don’t want to expose him to unvaccinated or potentially aggressive dogs. I saw the description for the Games class, and thought he might enjoy that, but does he need to be off-leash for that?

    I couldn’t find an email address for you to ask this privately. I’m looking forward to your reply!



  2. Hello,
    I like the photo with children and the dog (link below), and would like to receive permission to use the photo in K9Nation’s Website It will be used on the Education page as an example of children interacting with dogs for compassion training.

    If you need more information, please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Ann Scherbarth

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