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Happy Halloween! Not alway that way for the pups…

I am a huge Halloween fan.  I love the spirit of the holiday, the revelry, the colors, the candy, the costumes, the spooky (or not so spooky) decorations, and the harmless debauchery that happens.  Oh, I totally forgot to mention … Continue reading

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Spooky Jam 2011–video fun!

My friends over at Pawsitive Vybe are hosting a really really awesome disc-dog video Halloween contest, Spooky Jam 2011.  Disc dogs + costumes + handlers (some in costume) + fun music= AWESOME VIDEOS!  You should go check out all the … Continue reading

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“Green” Kitty Toy…

OFF-TOPIC!! It’s kitty commentary day! The last cat toy I bought the kitties was a ridiculously huge success.  It was a pretty plain toy–a stuffed top portion with catnip and such with some natural straw-like fibers out the bottom.  Jefferson … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Rio climbed the tree chasing a squirrel then got a little stuck!!! LOL!!

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Best advice I can possibly give….

“Be your dog’s advocate.” That is, I think, the best advice I can give to people with dogs. “Be your dog’s advocate!” That is, I think, the best advice I can give to people who are handling dogs with a … Continue reading

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Pity adoptions.. really not a good idea

Now, I want dogs to be saved from kill shelters as much as the next person but I am sometimes concerned about the pressure to adopt from them as well.  I sometimes wonder how many of these dogs are adopted … Continue reading

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It’s not the size that makes the dog!

I got a request a little while back to make an even smaller tug than the smallest size I previously offered.  There are teeny-tiny dogs how like to tug but had a hard time picking up even the smallest of … Continue reading

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I’m going to have a bit of a cop-out post today… we are having a CRAZY thunderstorm right (lightning RIGHT next to my house) and I am going to unplug Dewey (my computer) so he won’t get fried if we … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

(sorry for two farm photo days almost in a row… but it’s been gorgeous so we’ve been at the farm almost daily)… I hope you enjoy! And then…. Rio rolled in poop… weird orange-ish poop.

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Gotta Buy Into Training

How many times have you heard “I’ve tried everything to get my dog to …”?  I think I must hear something to that effect more than once a week.   People seem to expect instantaneous results from the training that if, … Continue reading

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