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Why It’s Hard Living With an ACD/Whippet #3

Inspired by a bunch of comments from yesterday’s post, I figured I’d write just how sensitive my Ri-monster really is.  He really wears his feelings on his sleeves but even more than that, he shows even the tiniest bit of … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday List…

Yesterday I was playing outside in the snow with the dogs.  There was about 2 inches of fresh powder on top about 3 or 4 inches of semi-packed down snow.  After “losing” two tennis balls in the snow, I busted … Continue reading

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No sleep for the weary!

I had no intention of posting a blog today (hence the late post) but I woke up… inspired…. to post a little tidbit. There are days I wake up completely perplexed about my status in my own house.  Let’s recap … Continue reading

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Why living with an ACD/WHIPPET is hard–reason #1

When I leave the house, Rio is left crated about half the time but when he’s not crated he’s gated into part of the house that’s been pretty well doggie proofed.  He is a WICKED counter/table surfer and gets himself … Continue reading

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