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It’s been one of those weeks…

It’s been a really long week.  Bandit got me up at 7am three days this week because he had tummy troubles (which wouldn’t be a big deal except I’m normally up working until 2:30 or 3 am) .  I think … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have quite a lot to be thankful for this year–a mom who was willing to take me in after I lost my job and lost my apartment, a mom who lets me live here for free in exchange for … Continue reading

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Why it’s hard… owning a ….CAT?!

I heard this mysterious crunching noise coming from the other room–it sounded like someone trying to chew the top of a soda-pop bottle.  I looked around and counted one…two…three…four dogs…. for a change it couldn’t be one of them.  But … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday–spotties

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Feeling a bit better–important info

I’m feeling a bit better but found myself behind in a lot of work so you’ll have to enjoy a preview of my wordless wednesday post. Also, my new design is getting closer and closer to being finished.  We will … Continue reading

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New Foster dog

Alright guys, I’m going to duck out of my post for today*.  I have a ridiculously busy day planned.  I need to prep for my foster dog to arrive, I’ve got mid day walks, a private client, and two evening … Continue reading

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“Green” Kitty Toy…

OFF-TOPIC!! It’s kitty commentary day! The last cat toy I bought the kitties was a ridiculously huge success.  It was a pretty plain toy–a stuffed top portion with catnip and such with some natural straw-like fibers out the bottom.  Jefferson … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Rio climbed the tree chasing a squirrel then got a little stuck!!! LOL!!

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Wordless Wednesday

(sorry for two farm photo days almost in a row… but it’s been gorgeous so we’ve been at the farm almost daily)… I hope you enjoy! And then…. Rio rolled in poop… weird orange-ish poop.

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Farm Exploring Fun!

We haven’t been able to get out to the farm since late August because the farmer put hot-wire up around two of the fields.  I didn’t want to let the pups get anywhere near the fencing, so it drastically cut … Continue reading

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