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Yay she growled!!

Way back in the summer of 2006 I adopted a 10 month old red Border Collie Mix.  Shayne, as she would become to be known, was a very underweight terrified dog.  I was made aware when I adopted her that … Continue reading

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Dog Parks… Dun dun duuuuun…

Dog parks… they can be the source of great joy and the source of severe frustration.  Now, not all dog parks are the same, some are certainly better than others but they are, nonetheless, frequently a hot-button topic for “dog … Continue reading

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Together as one…

There is nothing I love more than the sound of the wind whipping past my ears (even when it’s only 25 degrees F), snow landing on my eyelashes, the sound of hard snow crunching under my boots, the cold/hot feeling … Continue reading

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Why it’s hard living with an ACD/Whippet–Reason 2

I love Rio, I really do, but there are days where he just wont shut his trap.  He is a  loudmouth (and I lovingly call him this on a regular basis).  While he doesn’t bark constantly, when he does, it’s … Continue reading

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To tug or not to tug…

*Face Palm* Hey Rio, did you know that…. “If you play tug with your dog, you are going to make him aggressive” “If you play tug with your dog, he’s going to become dominant” “If you play tug with your … Continue reading

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Tidbits of Holiday Laughter and Cheer…

  One of the things I love most about the holiday season is getting to spend so much quality time with my family… and the dogs…and the cats.  Since getting laid off in the spring, I’ve certainly had ample time … Continue reading

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Christmas puppies become summer teens….

When I was 5, I went to see Santa at a local mall, like many children my age.  Being the animal loving child that I was, when Santa asked me if I had been good and what I wanted for … Continue reading

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Why living with an ACD/WHIPPET is hard–reason #1

When I leave the house, Rio is left crated about half the time but when he’s not crated he’s gated into part of the house that’s been pretty well doggie proofed.  He is a WICKED counter/table surfer and gets himself … Continue reading

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Baby Steps Build a Strong Foundation…

During a recent agility class, I was working with a teenager who was frustrated with her dog’s trouble with the teeter and dog walk during competition.  She bemoaned that her dog did both obstacles at the training facilities where she … Continue reading

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New Tugs for the New Year–Contest Starts Tomorrow!!

NEW TUGS FOR THE NEW YEAR CONTEST! Contest will open tomorrow on the Tugs By Tena Facebook Page.  Enter to win one of TWO custom made tug toys!  Bring in the new year with a new tug toy for the … Continue reading

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