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Don’t let me fail…

I love working in dog training classes.  I have an absolute blast working with so many dogs and so many people–after 3 hrs of classes I leave energized because of how much fun I have.  There are, however, moments that … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday List…

Yesterday I was playing outside in the snow with the dogs.  There was about 2 inches of fresh powder on top about 3 or 4 inches of semi-packed down snow.  After “losing” two tennis balls in the snow, I busted … Continue reading

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Not just a no-pull…

Shayne has worked through some reactivity and space issues around other dogs for some time.  I’ve posted a few times about how far she has progressed… I swear every week she’s becoming more and more appropriate.  It’s been amazing and … Continue reading

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Life rewards are rewarding

The amount of learning we do each and everyday is pretty astounding.   We learn through successes and through failures–you try a “shortcut” only to find it takes twice as long, you try a new recipe and it’s a huge hit, … Continue reading

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CAT-ahoula Leopard… Jefferson

I figured it might be fun to introduce you all to the other critters in the house.   Since someone commented on my last video about the cat in it, I figured I would start with Jefferson, the newest addition. About … Continue reading

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But it’s too cold….

“I have a 9 month old [insert high drive, high energy breed here… let’s call it a German Shorthaired Pointer] GSP.  I walk him 2 miles most days and sometimes go to the park.  I don’t know what do do … Continue reading

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Relate your way to canine sports…

At the end of November, I enrolled Rio in an beginners agility class with a friend and colleague and signed Shayne up for a Rally-O class with her as well.  I wanted to give them both something to do during … Continue reading

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