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Meh.. there goes a car…

I’ve been hesitant to write it for fear of jinxing our progress, but I have to update you all on Dexter’s car chasing.  Words cannot quite explain the changes I’ve seen in him.  It’s been a crazy good 2 or … Continue reading

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Going BATty! BAT-stuff Craazy! Nana nana nana nana BATman!

Image Courtesy of Grisha Stewart. Click Image to be redirected to the pre-order page! Can you guess the theme for today?  Yep, that’s correct BAT or Behavior Adjustment Training.  BAT is a behavior modification protocol developed by Grisha Stewart who … Continue reading

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No sleep for the weary #2

Yeah, we’ve had threat of storms pretty much daily and Bandit, while not overly dramatic, does become crazy clingy.  Last night (Tuesday night) was no exception.  It was very windy and he got spooked by the drapes blowing and came … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday…

On Monday, I was outside taking photos for yesterday’s post about the garden hose tug toy when I started getting some nice shots.  I figured I’d share some of the photographs I took.  It’s totally off topic–sort of–would anyone be … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle the canine way

Again, after last week’s heavy content I wanted to keep things light and fun… and less wordy this week. So, I figured, what’s more fun than talking dog toys!?  In a house with multiple dog, I’ve found myself buried under … Continue reading

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HA! It works!

After a very serious and word-heavy week last week (and just being quite drained right now) I’m starting this week off with a crazy brief but relevant blurb. This past weekend I was outside doing lawn work and tending my … Continue reading

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Some final thoughts…

Some final thoughts on Dog Bite Prevention Week…. Be Your Dog’s Advocate You are your dog’s best advocate.  If you will not stick up for them, who else will?  If you feel your dog is uncomfortable stand up for him/her … Continue reading

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