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Fat Fido to Fit Fido

Alright, so you gave your dog a once over and have discovered he is not as lean as he could be….now what?  Well, that sort of depends just how much extra weight your dog is carrying.  If your dog packed … Continue reading

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Fit Fido or Fat Fido…

About two years ago I had Shayne at a park hiking when I was approached by a woman and her lab.  As she approached I began shoveling food in Shayne’s face to keep her from being too concerned about the … Continue reading

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Root of handler frustration…

Today I took the dogs to the farm again.  We are supposed to have wicked afternoon storms for the next few days so exercise must be done in the morning and the farm is one of the ways the pups … Continue reading

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My apologies… again

Alright, I’ve dropped the ball … again (it was a sad hockey night).  I find myself exhausted after a ridiculously busy day (and of course the hockey game) and unable to commit to writing a post and searching for and … Continue reading

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Well, that’s not entirely true…

This is more of a personal rant I suppose, but it’s something I’ve heard a few times recently and it started to bug me and I just want to get it off my chest.  Since the weather has turned nice, … Continue reading

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Vet is not an abbreviation for trainer

I love my vet, while we may not always agree, nutrition-wise, he respects my choices and never gives me a hard time about it.  He is at the head of his field in terms of some ground breaking work being … Continue reading

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It’s play-off season… I may be slacking

It’s hockey playoff season and I’m … well I’m a hockey fan.  Tonight the game went into double overtime and I may have been glancing at a blank blog entry for the entire time I focused on the game (which … Continue reading

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“How can I correct the growl?”

I’m still recovering from a two-day headache/nausea (does that constitute a migraine?) so please forgive any incoherent phrases LOL!  Also, I didn’t realize I have used this photo before… there are only so many angry/growly photos to use! LOL! “Fido … Continue reading

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Not feeling so hot…

Last night I had a killer head ache with some nausea so I couldn’t get to writing a nice post (I struggled through an email to a training student).  This morning I’m just not feeling so hot in general… SO, … Continue reading

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Big Picture…

I had such a good time reading through all the blogs from the Blog The Change event.   If you haven’t had an opportunity, I really suggest checking out some of the great blogs. I wanted to take a moment and … Continue reading

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