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Getting Ready To Move

This may very well be the last reminder before we make the switch over to the new web page!  It looks like we will be working on switching over everything over the next few days, so probably by next week … Continue reading

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It’s been one of those weeks…

It’s been a really long week.  Bandit got me up at 7am three days this week because he had tummy troubles (which wouldn’t be a big deal except I’m normally up working until 2:30 or 3 am) .  I think … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have quite a lot to be thankful for this year–a mom who was willing to take me in after I lost my job and lost my apartment, a mom who lets me live here for free in exchange for … Continue reading

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Why it’s hard… owning a ….CAT?!

I heard this mysterious crunching noise coming from the other room–it sounded like someone trying to chew the top of a soda-pop bottle.  I looked around and counted one…two…three…four dogs…. for a change it couldn’t be one of them.  But … Continue reading

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Oi…I distract you with a contest!

I’ve had a bit of a rough day, lots  of personal things going on.. SO… to make myself feel better (and to distract you from not having a blog post) I’m giving away a pre-made tug and two coupon codes … Continue reading

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Review: Spill Proof Suspended Travel Waterbowl

For about two months or so I have been using a spill-proof suspended water bowl in my car for the dogs.  When the weather allows, I love bringing my dogs with me everywhere I go.  They love getting out of … Continue reading

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Tuesday Timeout

So, I was going to have the pups wear their Steeler Jerseys (our NFL team) during our demo (and with the chilly weather expected I may still have them wear some Steeler gear)… then I wanted to have them in … Continue reading

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Tricky Week

Well, this week will be devoted to a class graduation and preparing for my nosegames/tricks demos this coming weekend.  It should be a fun but busy weekend.  I’m trying to figure out just what all I’ll need to bring with … Continue reading

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More fun than a barrel of monkeys

I have a few gift cards for stores like Petco and Petsmart that I need to use–since I don’t generally shop there it’s a bit of an  “out of the way” adventure.   I don’t feed any of the food or … Continue reading

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Holy busy weekend batman!

I am being a bad blogger… normally I’d say it’s because of procrastination, but this time it really wasn’t procrastination but more simply the quantity of stuff I need to get done and too few hours. This weekend Success Just … Continue reading

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