Ooo Goodie, a Former Foster Update!

WE HAVE MOVED!!!!  Other than a redirecting notice, this is the LAST POST ON THIS BLOG.  The ONLY place you will be able to see posts is at the blog located on Go and subscribe to the new blog!  You can subscribe to the RSS feed, sign up to get email updates, have my posts posted to your facebook wall using Networked Blogs, or can just update your bookmarks and blogrolls! (I’m strangely emotional about this…I didn’t think I’d be so sad about this blog going quiet… )

Oh Goodie, a Former Foster Update!

Well, I woke up yesterday morning to an excellent email from Chase’s new family and I figured you may like to hear an update and see some great photos!

I’m excited to announce that Chase’s new family is absolutely smitten with him. He has settled in beautifully and is loving the fact that he is the only dog in the home to get all the attention from his new and active family and they absolutely adore him. It’s such a great match!

This week Chase attended a large family gathering where he quickly made friends with the 9 grandkids in the family and was an instant favorite. He wasn’t phased in the least at the crowds of people and was nothing but a gentleman (though I suspect there was some jumping).

I’m so excited Chase has ended up in a family just so perfect for him!! It really was such a great match!

Enjoy some photos of Chase in his new home

Chase hamming it up at the Christmas gathering

Sorry... this chair is occupied, move along!

Okay, fine, I'll share....but only if we can snuggle!

Chase and his awesome family!!

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