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Feeling a bit better–important info

I’m feeling a bit better but found myself behind in a lot of work so you’ll have to enjoy a preview of my wordless wednesday post. Also, my new design is getting closer and closer to being finished.  We will … Continue reading

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Dogtoberfest….more like brrrr-toberfest

Well, this past Saturday was the event where I was doing some non-frisbee demos.  This was the second annual Dogtoberfest put on by a local organization, CARMAA.  CARMAA is not a rescue in their own right but they are an … Continue reading

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Well, my world is going to be full of trick training over the next two weeks… perhaps to a fault.  I’m hoping to keep up on my blog posts… but I may end up using some videos and photos…which I’ve … Continue reading

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Ummm… who is that and what did you do with Shayne?

This past weekend was crazy busy.  Success Just Clicks, Tugs by Tena, and Steel City Disc Dogs–AKA my three different identities–all went up to a fundraiser event about an hour away.  Thankfully my mom volunteered to help me out since … Continue reading

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Holy busy weekend batman!

I am being a bad blogger… normally I’d say it’s because of procrastination, but this time it really wasn’t procrastination but more simply the quantity of stuff I need to get done and too few hours. This weekend Success Just … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday…

Discuss…. 🙂

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Big Changes In The Wings…

I wanted to give everyone fair warning that in a few weeks my blog is going to be making a drastic change. When I started my journey into blogging, I told myself that if I was able to continue to … Continue reading

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