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Bumping The Threshold pt.2

In the first Bumping the Threshold post I talked about cued behaviors–Look at that, look at me, and touch/hand target.  Keeping a dog “operant” or able to think in a stressful situation is important and these type of cued behaviors … Continue reading

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Taking a quick break

It’s the week before my students graduate so it was a busy day at class and I’m struggling to concentrate and get my post written in a cohesive manner… So please accept this silly video as a substitute.  It is … Continue reading

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Do the threshold bump!

There is a distance for a reactive dog where they can see another dog and not go into total meltdown mode–this may be 15ft or this may be 150ft.  They may stare or focus on the other dog but they … Continue reading

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Conditioned Emotional Response

So, here’s the deal, I’d love to be able to feature specific stories and give examples of how I would approach a specific situation (based on the details made available).  I’d like to post the information of the specific situation … Continue reading

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Rethinking Reactivity

Last week’s poll yielded some not so surprising results.  There were (last I checked) a few more votes for reactivity than It’s Yer Choice which works out since I can’t find my video camera to get footage for an IYC … Continue reading

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Keep it cool

Like I mentioned yesterday, it is crazy hot and humid right now in my area.  Yesterday was 96°F with a heat index of 107°F (so what it feels like outside) and today looks to be about the same.  At the … Continue reading

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Belated Birthday Bash

Well, yesterday was my birthday and the tradition over the last few years has been to spend the day with the dogs doing something adventurous before celebrating in the evening.  I had planned on today’s blog being about our birthday … Continue reading

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