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Big Changes In The Wings…

I wanted to give everyone fair warning that in a few weeks my blog is going to be making a drastic change. When I started my journey into blogging, I told myself that if I was able to continue to … Continue reading

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Why It’s Hard Living With an ACD/Whippet #3

Inspired by a bunch of comments from yesterday’s post, I figured I’d write just how sensitive my Ri-monster really is.  He really wears his feelings on his sleeves but even more than that, he shows even the tiniest bit of … Continue reading

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Mistakes I’ve Made

I’m not perfect–not even close.  I have personal faults and I’ve definitely made mistakes with my dogs.  I really try not to make the same mistake twice and I do generally learn from my mistakes but I’m human.   I’ve been … Continue reading

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I’m sure most people in the states know, but perhaps those outside of the states don’t know, earlier this week there was an earthquake in the eastern US.  This is a very atypical place for earthquakes (I’ve live in this … Continue reading

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dropped the ball… but I make it up to you!

Alright, so last night was a crazy night.  I finished my training classes and was on my way home at 9:18pm–my ride is normally 20-25 minutes long which has me arriving home around 9:45.  I grab a bite to eat … Continue reading

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If my dogs could only learn 4 behaviors…

Sit, down, stand, spin, other (other direction spin), bow, relax (lay on hip), here!, shake, touch, pretty, get-that, roll over, scoot, weave, backwards weaves, go to your mark, take off my socks, but said socks in the laundry basket, open … Continue reading

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SOMEONE didn’t read my dog-bite-prevention series…

This past weekend I went to this huge canine event.  There were dogs and people and kids and golf carts all over the place.   I would say the vast, vast majority of dogs were being walked on prong collars or … Continue reading

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Good Citizen? Yep… apparently so!

Yep you heard that right!  I know I mentioned it in July that Shayne was going for her CGC… well I was a bad dog-mom and missed the sign up date.  I had planned on waiting until the next test … Continue reading

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Why I’m glad I’m one of THOSE dog people

Okay, I admit it (as if I even have to admit to this, I know you all already suspected), I am one of those dog people whose car is a glorified canine cab.  I drive a Ford Focus ZX5 (the … Continue reading

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Blog Roll Updates!

Alright, I was looking at my blog roll and realized that … wow, I haven’t updated that since I started blogging.  Now that I’ve discovered and been introduced some amazing blogs I figured it was time to update it… and … Continue reading

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